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  1. Ru Ru

    WINNERS of the Spring Fling Contest

    Thanks devs and event committee!! And congrats everyone! :D
  2. Ru Ru

    Dungeon System is HORRIBLE

    Edit: I didn't notice the last post was about a month ago already... Sorry... But I'll just leave this here anyway xD ------------------------------------------------ Tbh, I share some of OP's sentiment. I really use a lot of time tweaking my build to be designed really well for dungeon, and...
  3. Ru Ru

    Current Contest Spring Fling Contest #2 - Iconic Movie Scene Reenactments in V&H

    YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!! scene in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring by Yu Yu and Ru Ru, US3 special mention: Karackus (for special effects)
  4. Ru Ru

    Tranquility and Viper Sting

    Hello! I just noticed that the nature talent Tranquility doesn't read Viper Sting as a nature feat (doesn't add stack to it if it's less than 3 stacks, nor refresh if it's already 3). The other feats are okay with Tranquility and the knife buff Nature's Boon acknowledges Viper Sting when it's...