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That and getting higher than 30 to be able to vote for zazie (again)
LOL The one thing I wish was slightly different with the fix is that it took rebirths into account. My lvl 23 warrior has completed both the lvl 30 and 45 rebirth, but I'm leveling her back up very slowly (entirely on purpose, since I'm trying to balance 4 toons, none of whom are maxed in combat.) It's much better than it was, since I now have to deal with those annoying pop ups on only ONE toon instead of all 4. However, I think rebirths should be taken into consideration, just like the ability to vote for mayors.
The first time I ever fought the 85 elders, I died at Belxur because of that pop-up. There was lag, and I couldn't find my cursor and then move it over to the pop-up box, let alone manage to get the cursor hovered over the "Do not ask again" area, and click the right spot. Instead, I died, and after resurrecting, it STILL had that pop-up box there, asking if I was still stuck. (I swear that I wouldn't have died that time, if not for that pop-up getting in my way! Because of it, I had NO chance of moving my toon out of the ice AOE circle on the ground.) It was so frustrating an experience that I was cussing & my blood pressure was high. Not good.

The last thing you want players to have to deal with in stressful, high-level situations like that are annoying (and deadly) pop-ups that get in the way. I forgot to enact my plan the last time I ran the 85 elders, but my tentative work-around is to purposely try to proc that pop-up before heading to Glendergan. (I was trying to proc that msge while running against a wall in the stairway within Tower, but couldn't get my toon to believe that it was "stuck." Also tried climbing the mountain that surrounds the path to Tower, again, no luck.)

Getting a pop-up asking if you're stuck when an enemy has slowed you is something that the game should be programmed to recognize as NOT a situation where that pop-up comes into play! If I'm trying to climb an unscaleable mountain, and I get that pop-up, I mind it a lot less than if I get that pop-up while in combat!
LOL, I've had the same exact thing happen. Glad I'm not the only one. I was so mad.