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This guide is just a compilation of things I learned since I have started playing Villagers and Heroes. This guide is not class specific but instead catered to more of the overall play of the game through the eyes of a old gamer.

- COG supplies. Grab them every chance you can you can . If your guild/village does not have all three vendors; common, uncommon and rare, visit a higher ranked village and snag them there. They have 22hr, 1 day 22hrs 3 day timer. You call your common supplies back to the quartermaster and purchase higher quality supplies from him.
- Do not neglect your crafting or ranching/farming skills. Depending on your class you need your crafting leveled to enhance your gear. You will also run into quests that require items found by ranching or gardening only.
- Bounty Power. This increases gradually with every bounty you kill is close to your level. The perk last for 26 hours and at its max charge it increases your chance to find supplies by 7.5% and when you do find supplies, the quantity you find is increased by 15%. This buff is huge if you gather a lot as supplies are what you increases the rate which you gather resources and the increases your chance of finding supplies.
- Gathering buffs. You can grow items in your garden that give you a higher chance to find mote and supplies. You can use elixirs of Triad for bountiful and supply find increase also.
- Gathering in Village. If you need motes you are best to gather in the village. Cornucopias are the rare find only found in the villages. When consuming a cornucopia you will receive a mote every gather for 5 uses receiving a total of 5 motes. You can buy recipes from the charter token vendors in Ardent city that combine them for more uses. The price of these patterns start around 22,500 tokens with the top one costs 90,000 tokens. Each recipe combines multiple cornucopias into more uses total, with each higher pattern granting more than the total cornucopias combined. 5 turn into 27 (22,500 tokens), 10 into 55 (45,000 tokens), 20 into 112 (67,500 tokens) and 30 into 270 (90,000 tokens).
- Gathering in wild. If you gather in the wild you have a chance to find the other rare items. Each of these rare and very rare items are unique to the type of material you are gathering.

Legendary finds
Grallas Seeds - Increase Masteries for 10 minutes, increase in size. (Found in mushrooms, trees nodes)
Tempered Shale - Increases armor and magic resistances. (Found in ore nodes)
Scornyx - Full mana restore and will, intelligence and clarity increased for 10 minutes. (Found in bugs nodes)
Xinzen Carp - Fillet it for COG points and a epic swim speed increase potion. (Found fishing)

Rare finds
Gobazolla - Increases experience by 30%. Time increased by level. (found fishing) These stack with pies.
Luckinium - Gain 10 times the look per kill. Does not work on bounties. Charges increased based on level. (Found in ore nodes)
Fleetrindra - Increases run speed and mounted speed while out of combat (Found in mushrooms and tree nodes)
Arachnamasser - Gather like you have 8 legs! Charges increased based on level. (Found looking for bugs)
(Thanks to Ekimie for the help with tip)

- Gathering / crafting tools. You need to buy higher level ones and upgrade these to make gathering a crafting faster and to get abundant gathering. If you do not have an issue spending money to make your game play more enjoyable, go ahead and spend the 400 crown on the epic set. For both sets it does cost 800 crown granted you do get 100 bonus crowns back, but the speed increases are huge. If you plan on gathering a lot imo the epic tool set is a must have. Both sets are also bound to your account so you can put them in your shared bank for your alts to use. The epic set of tools rarely break. This is very handy when you have the game going on your phone or tablet and just hit the gather button every 1 minute.
- Crafting necklaces. Blacksmithing, tailoring and wood working each have a necklace you can create to give your character a permanent buff. You only have to equip it once to give your character the enhancement. After that store them in the bank and make them ever 10 levels. One reduces crafting costs, one increases chances of receiving half of your motes back when crafting (HUGE), and the other increases chances of finding motes and supplies while gathering (HUGE).
- Charter tokens. This vendor is in Ardent city at E3, and they sell the the cornucopias recipes along with your crafting specializations. You have to sell a lot of gathered/crafted items for tokens.
- Sell gems found while gathering. They a good way to make money, vendor them without any fear.
- Ardent Society Membership. While this one is not required, I'd highly recommend it. Buy 1000 crown and get the 600 or 900 crown Ardent Society membership. Most MMORPG have a monthly fee, and you have to pay either 3 months or 6 months upfront, but its worth it. 100% experience buff and a shared bank for you and your alts is amazing. Supporting the creators of the game also helps all of us as they use that money to create new content for us.
- Use your sockets on weapons. People will tell you to save your sockets for endgame. While I understand their reasoning go ahead and use them to get your feats (abilities) on your weapons. I build a new weapon every 5 levels, and I max out each one. Since you are saving this gear for your rebirths, and will get tons of sockets are you progress through the quests and achievements numerous times, make your life easier and have a weapon with maximum feats on them. Worse case at end game, just buy some sockets for crowns. 50 crowns gets ya 10 sockets.
- Class feats are not random. Certain feats can only be found either from crafting a weapon, from a elder rune turn in or from random wild drops. You need to gnogment those feats into a weapon to give you more abilities. For my play style, if I did not have a good starter sword to gnogment into, I crafted one. I normally would craft a bunch and pick the best 2 reinforcements of all the weapons and gnogment those two into the sword with the most desired stats. At this point I had a sword with 3 feats and 2 reinforcements. I would look for a world drop sword and gnogment two of those feats to the weapon. Then I would gnogment the elder bane. This would bring me to around 6 of 7 feats, and 3/3 reinforcements. While it does cost a lot of sockets, because I am saving these weapons for rebirths I am able to recoup the sockets in the next rebirth and my leveling is more enjoyable as my character is actually somewhat powerful.
- Rebirths. I would encourage you to rebirth at least two times. How you choose to go about it is entirely up to you, but I chose to rebirth at 30 and 45. Being able to go through all the main story lines, and getting the achievements all over again gave me tons of consumables that come in very handy.
- Save your best gear. Save all of your best rare/epic/legendary gear you find as you level for your rebirths. It is really worth buying bank space to do this, but you can have full gear sets you can cycle through as you level. With the ability to rebirth 5 times, this will greatly speed things up.
- Pick the right village / guild. Village population is really nice for the 15% experience buff if they are above 55 members, but if the villagers are not active at leveling the projects you should look for a guild that is or accept the fact that you will have to do everything yourself. To enhance your gear 5/5 times you need project stations to rank 6. It will take forever to level these projects without help of your fellow guild members pitching in.
- Bounty Marks. Save them until you get to Travern isles and Pyrron Keep areas. You have to defeat so many bounties to collect marks to purchases keys. Early in the game you are given a few of these marks are rewards. Save them and use them later to make your life easier.
- Salvaging rods. These are also found in Ardent City. The ranks are based on level and not color. The common white rod can salvage an legendary item as long as its under level 25. If you choose not to sell your items to the vendors, you can salvage armors, weapons, shields for crafting materials.
- Mana potions. All crafted mana potions restore only 1000 mana overtime, with 3 times the amount when out of combat. The half mana / full mana potions are only found in the red darrig chests. Create an alt and make a ton of blueberries and craft the lowest rank potions to use out of combat like food or water of other games.
- Put your keys in your bank. You do not need them in your bags to enter. Throw them in your bank to clear out precious bag space.
- Elder Bosses. From level 10 to lv 50 they are every 10 levels. After that they become every 5 levels. If you complete the elder quest at 10 and turn the runes in at 10, your weapon will be level 10. I found if I wait until the level before the next bosses, the elder weapon will be stronger to assist in defeating the next round of bosses. I turn in at 19, 29, 39 and 49. After that it becomes 54, 59, 64 etc. You can always gnogment the elder bonuses on to a better weapon of your choosing though.
- Changing appears of your current gear. If you have a set unlocked for your account, you can gnogment the appearance without including a second to combine. This does not cost you anything to do.
- Crafting gear and weapons. The more of the same item you make the more proficient at it you become. Not only are the stats improved, but the weapon feats themselves improve also. If you find a armor or weapon specialist they can craft epic items that can be enhanced to legendary where specialization can only craft rare that improves to epic.
- Magic find items. Save all of your magic find gear even if its lower level. Equip it right before you turn in quest items to give you a better chance of having an reward item upgraded. Potion masters can make Magic find drams which are amazing. Magic find is found on rings, trinkets, necklaces and helms.
- Your house style matters. I personally prefer the jack of all trades as it gives bonuses across the board for everything of importance to me.
- Your house has a vault. Click on the door, not the walls. Do not be a dumbass like me lol
- Potions and food stack! Fear not about trying to use multiple buffs from different sources. They'll give you a warning if they can not be stacked. You can use a pie (30% xp), a gobazolla (30% xp) and a Village Experience potion (50% xp) at the same time. The Village experience potion is sold in the Castle Courtyard area in Ardent City. The npc name is Flynn McRufus. He is at A5 along side the building.
- You can buy COG tokens with silver. A NPC in Ardent City Crafting Square named Silsha Artemia, Motes of Yorick, sells both Motes and COG token. COG tokens are 1.75 silver each, motes are 12.95 silver each. This vender is at E3 in Ardent City.
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I'd learned all but #20.... didn't realize magic find worked on quest rewards.... DOH! guess I'll start saving magic find gear again....
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Nice list. I'd add to the village gather one that although it gets you cornucopias, in the village you do not get the rare gathers like luckinium and globazolla etc. Just to make sure people make a well informed choice where to gather :)
Nice list. I'd add to the village gather one that although it gets you cornucopias, in the village you do not get the rare gathers like luckinium and globazolla etc. Just to make sure people make a well informed choice where to gather :)
Really? Hmm. Can you get the legendary rares like the consumable though right? Anyways I made a change and credited you for it. =)
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Mutsie, Undertow
Really? Hmm. Can you get the legendary rares like the consumable though right?
When gathering inside your village you can get cornucopias as rare find. The only way to get the other epic and legendary consumables is by gathering in the world, outside of your village. You also will not find cornucopia from nodes outside a village.
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and if you craft yourself without a specialization, but up to 30 crafted then you can look for those runes you want to keep. get an EPIC weapon then gnog or combine the best ones you crafted to the EPIC . if you do, then make sure the yellow arrow is from the higher quality EPIC weapon and and not the lower one. combine all for advanced weapon. but careful do not do this till you need it later after your around 50+ this can be costly on sockets. but if you fall short on sockets and have not saved them up, you can still buy them relatively cheap in the game store
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One change should be noted. The multiplier for luckinium has been reduced from 10X to 5X.