I have been searching for a black serpent bow lv 1-86 for gnomenting purposes.
I recall seeing them pretty often in my inventory when clearing my bags at a vendor.
Whether they were world drops or quest rewards, I could not tell. I now would assume the latter, because I have been farming for one of those for about a week now unsuccessfully.
Then someone made the suggestion to farm elders in order to get one. I did so, all elders lv 10-70. It didn't drop.
Then I checked quest rewards on wiki and whereever there was a weapon involved, I went back to the quest giver, thinking I may have skipped quests on my last rebirth. But I didn't -_-.
Every crafted version of the serpent bow style is not black but green or some other colour.
There have been none at the auction house either for the past week.
My question: How do I get my hands on a black serpent bow lv 1-86?


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If you have 50 crowns, you can buy the Serpent Hunter's Gnogpack which has the black serpents bow in it.
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