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I can't log in. I've completed all the work I have at work. I vacuumed the upstairs and downstairs. I took out the trash. I replaced the hinges on the bathroom door. I spray painted the legs of the dining room table. I swept the front porch. I took my wife on a walk. I did 20 push ups. I tried turning myself off and on again (slept). I set the stuffed animals up to look like a tea party.

I called my mom. I called my dad. I called my sister. I called my aunt. I called that friend of my mom's who we call an aunt, even though she's not biologically related.

I checked whether we had another jar of mayonnaise in the pantry (we didn't, so I put it on the shopping list). I baked a cheesecake (unrelated to the mayonnaise thing. Don't DM me). I did our taxes.

I read through every message on discord. I read all the forum threads. I watched the livestreams (not live, but after). I took out the trash. I took out the trash again (missed a room the first time).

But, I still can't connect to the server. *sniff*
I’m 16 and don’t have a life. At least you have something to do while the servers are down. I’ve resorted to staring at random pics of VnH on the internet just to get a little bit of satisfaction.


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for days since server is down for everyone I restored to watching YouTube there are some videos there for vh that players have made.