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Leading up to the release of our brand new expansion, we are releasing a story in six parts, followed by a complete reveal of all changes and new features of the game. Get ready for a new exciting chapter each week!

Read the book here: www.madottergames.com/thebook

The book is best viewed at screen width of at least 1500 pixels, but can be read at any size.
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ok problem lol I can't just read 1 chapter in a book,and put the book away till next week - I want to read them all now hahaha
IKR? o_O
I often will read a full novel over a span of two days. A week at most, and only then if I have a little trouble 'getting into' the story.
Six chapters in a month and a half?
TORTURE! :eek:
Otter Humor? :devilish:
Both? :unsure:

Oh, never mind...
It's just Sarah. :sneaky:


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Great read :) I was kinda suprised how grim this was compared to the majority of the writing in the game, albeit it's a very welcome one I like the darker tones for sure. Makes me wonder since we are kinda on the side of Ardent if these characters will become our allies who we will help to right the past wrong doings or they will succumb to their feelings and try to take revenge for their past on Ardent, making us adversaries (elder boss fight?). Looking forward to next week!
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There are some parts of Zorian where I can see a big tower and a portal leading to it ^.^ crosses fingers


I keep wondering... Is this a historical story, that tells us how we came to be in a new place? Or is it the foundation of what happens next?

I think it doesn't really matter either way, (as always) Sarah's writing is amazing, and I'm already on pins & needles waiting for next Friday's chapter! :)


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I'm only 1/2 way through the history of Pyrron ATM (finishing part 1), but the picture it paints of post Malloc Ardent under the guidance of Lord P is not pretty. This fits in nicely with that time frame.