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Leading up to the release of our brand new expansion, we are releasing a story in six parts, followed by a complete reveal of all changes and new features of the game. Get ready for a new exciting chapter each week!

Chapter IV is now open!

Read the book here: www.madottergames.com/thebook

The book is best viewed at screen width of at least 1500 pixels, but can be read at any size.
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Oh my gosh. The story certainly took a ferocious and unexpected turn. Do we really have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next?
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Ooh things are sure getting interesting! I know it hasn't been confirmed yet, but IF this is a new class, then I am now guessing that the three elements will be Earth/Wind/Water. Wind being the center talent. I'm not sure when this story takes place in Ardent's history besides it being post Mallok and not having the current king of Ardent, but maybe Penn will become a lvl 90 Elder? I guess we will see. Can't wait for next week!


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Ooo another exciting chapter! Fabulous artwork and story telling as usual. Can't wait to read more!