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Hello, Everyone,

We have just implemented the Compensation Plan for all players! Thank you to our fantastic community for all of your support during the two weeks when our game servers were down! We hope these rewards will fairly compensate you all for the loss of play time, as well as the emotional distress it caused. :)

A couple of important things to note:
  • The Highwayman outfit is not a part of this package, and will be given to players during the new expansion.
  • We have already defined active players as any player who has played since January 1st, 2019. However, for technical reasons, we also had to add a further limitation which is an "Active Character". This means certain characters on your account may get the rewards while others may not. We have defined this as any character that was at least one of the following on February 13th (the date of the last backup):
    • Level 3 or higher in combat skill.
    • OR Level 10 or higher in any gathering, crafting, or village skill.
    • OR Has performed any rebirth.
  • Players with characters on multiple servers, will receive the calendar rewards so long as at least one character on that server is ‘Active’ as per the rules laid out above (One character per account per server.)
  • The Legendary Gear chests will expire on April 1, 2019. Players do need to open them before then, and be sure to choose wisely which character you would like them to go to.

Here again, is the list of reward items and categories:

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All items were automatically sent to your inventories. So if you had full bags, please be sure to check your Overflow Bag. (Crowns were automatically added to your balances.)

Please Note: Calendar Rewards were sent to the first character listed in account ID's.

Thanks again, everyone, for your incredible patience during the craziness!
Unsure were to post this i'm very new to posting on forums,
Just wanted to say a massive huge thankyou to the devs for the recent gifts for the downtime,
Its really nice to be playing v&h with such a awsome bunch of very helpful friendly comunity and devs that care and give there players the time if day.
Never seen such Awsomeness on a online game before thankyou.