Jeniver, Keesi, Calae
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The CS contact page says to report this in game, but the Bug Report in game refuses to send. So here I am.
I am missing the chests, diamonds and sockets. What do? :confused:
Check all your toons and their overstock bags. Your toon must also have been an active character, defined as

We have already defined active players as any player who has played since January 1st, 2019. However, for technical reasons, we also had to add a further limitation which is an "Active Character". This means certain characters on your account may get the rewards while others may not. We have defined this as any character that was at least one of the following on February 13th (the date of the last backup):"
  • Level 3 or higher in combat skill.
  • OR Level 10 or higher in any gathering, crafting, or village skill.
  • OR Has performed any rebirth............................... "end Quote
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good luck