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Would love to see a greater variety in crafting specializations as well as some improvements to existing ones

Some ideas are:

Rune Master: 150% chance of obtaining a reinforcement rune on crafted gear. (This could mean 2 runes) + an additional 50% chance of receiving an epic reinforcement rune

Jewelry Master: Unlocks recipes for rings and necklaces for crafting. These cannot drop with reinforcement runes, but can be crafted up to epic in rarity.

Potion Master: Crafting bonus should affect other consumable cooking items as well (foods, breakfast etc.)

Armor Master: Additional perk - armor made by armor masters has one additional rune slot

Weapon Master: Additional perk - weapons made by weapon masters have one additional rune slot

Preparation Master: New preparation recipes... honestly I believe if preps wore off over time, then the preparation masters would be more useful so they could continue to produce them but this is debatable.

Augmentation Master: Able to toggle between reinforcement and augmentation runes when crafting gear. 200% chance of producing gear with augmentation runes.

Statistician Master: Ability to re-roll specific base stat on gear for another random stat. Costs materials

Enhancement Master: Ability to enhance gear for free. Unlocks a 6th enhancement which will add an additional stat to the gear

Feat Master: Unlocks new abilities for each subclass's weapons
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You do realize with the current system you can have all masteries on 1 server with 1 account, but that we cannot make 11 toons on 1 server with 1 account? I'd have to choose!! :p


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Too many masteries wil make the game and the development extreme complex, it wil be a nightmare job to realize.

1 point i would like to see, not as mastery, but as a scill: the jewelery, it would be nice to be able to make those yourself, and we could use the gemms that drop ingame again in crafting, just this time not for the weapons but for rings and necklaces.
Too many masteries and they are somewhat diluted. I prefer to combine them. Another way to make this work would be to add a weaker mastery to our origin. Something tied in with the bonuses we already have, such as the hero 3 % bonus would combine with one type while the villager 3 %bxp bonus would tie to another, just a thought.