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would be nice if devs change amount of party slots to 10 and makes only party members can got credits at dungeon. Or mb there is a some other way there to fix a problem. Players start to hates others when planning dungeon run for gold long time but finally lose, just cause all others can part in run and slow all. If u cant do instance as at WoW - mb just party way fo 10 or so? Cause now hated rating grow between players . I think just cause your mistake


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There was a quite long thread about suggestions regarding dungeons and this is one of the most requested (to make it instanced). According to one of the livestreams it's possible, the tech is there it just needs testing. It remains to seen if the Otters will actually implement it. I feel like another good solution could be a token system that let's you pick your rewards. This would solve the issue of completely random loot and people who can't run gold could get their hands on epic gear too (and honestly it is those people who need the better gear the most, not those who are already gold capable), not to mention the people who are gold capable would be more willing to help out cause even bronze/silver runs will eventually net them their desired epic gear