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Hall of Salvation
I found it difficult to figure out how to lead a group through the dungeon Halls of Salvation, because the clock was always ticking and I never had time to study the quest and map.
I hope this map/quest text can help others.
Dungeon Halls of Salvation.png
The green, red, blue, yellow and purple marked bounties are the ones where you need only one of them.
Finding and defeating Lulaerion (Rare) and Feastings the Friar (Rare),both zingara's, will help you in the way, that you can skip killing skeletons in that area.

Following seem be good paths to run with minimum hallway to cover:
Dungeon Halls of Salvation paths.png
A => B Lower Halls
B The Rose Chapel
B => C (Fast run to the bounties) The Halls of Thorns
C => Gate only access with key
C => D => F Upper Halls
C => E => F Upper Halls (alternative path)
F The Highlord

If you want to learn more about the dungeon Halls of Salvation, then read this Dungeon guide made by from SprigOfHalcyon.
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wow Is that a hybrid priest? Can we see the feats used?
I only watched briefly, but the only shadow feat I saw being used was shadow bolt. Looked like shadow bolt, divine hammer, holy bolt, and heal were being used, along with either mass absorb and/or single absorb. I think it's simply a holy priest who has one shadow feat -- basically the opposite of my shadow priest who has one holy feat (albeit a healing one & not a damaging one.)
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Yeah, Shadow bolt, but also shadow orbs to detonate it.
I have 5 talent points in that first shadow item.

But, the corruption is spreading, my goal is to solo it without zings, so I think I will need gloom and maybe to get some shadow affinity points. Not sure what I'm going to give up, though. (If you take too long, it just kills you before the end :( )