Sarah Otter

Mad Otter Games
Happy Friday! And WOW, Casplina! What a very special entry. Love, love, love it! All great entries this week. It seems the identity of J.M. has been discovered...
Congratulations to the winners, and a big thanks to all who submitted. Have a great weekend, everyone, and hope to see you all this Sunday in-game for the Spring Fling events! :)

First Place = Casplina (US1) - 'Perier Bead Mad Otter'
Second Place = Teth, Gabi Rose, and Moedeezee (US3) - 'Legends guarding the gates to the villages from the scourge of our society!'
Third Place = Kalkilgest and Tom810 (US3) - 'Memes Recreated - V&H Style'

By Casplina


Our mission was to safeguard the villages, and we were completely successful. We made sure to keep out the black thrush, Grinchtas minions, Lord Pyyrus drakes disguised as humans, Bog Frogs (except pets), and of course. J.M. Our mission was completely successful and the villages remained safe for another day.

Also, we are on to you J.M! We know your REAL NAME! Which I will reveal NOW! <name redacted by order of the King> Hide while you can <name redacted>! Legends will find you and bring you to justice!

By Teth, Gabi Rose, and Moedeezee (Story by Teth)


By Kalkilgest and Tom810