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Happy Friday! So just a quick note: a number of you submitted entries this week, which you had also submitted for in the 12 Days of Christmas Event. While we love those entries, we are going to exclude them from the Fan Friday contest, since players already have a chance to win individual crowns for their entries in the Christmas Event. (It just wouldn't be fair for some players to have double chances at winning crowns.) ;)

And meanwhile, some great entries this week for Fan Friday! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted.

First Place = Gadzooks1 and Lordkyrie (US1) - 'Mutiny of the Elves'
Second Place = Michel (EU2) - 'Public Viewing'
Third Place = Kaya Kittyfeathers (US1) - 'Tic Tac Toe V&H Style'

The elves caught Grinchta taking a knee for no reason, so they protested! Grinchta doesn't agree with elf rights, so then it was mutiny!

At first, Grinchta had the upper hand.

But the elves quickly took control.

Grinchta even tried to play dirty, using his secret "smoke" weapon.

The elves held their noses and carried on. He was defeated. But the mutiny didn't stop there....

In the end, the little people won...well, for 2 hours anyway. Victory is Victory!


By Gadzooks1 and Lordkyrie

Public viewing_michel.JPG
By Michel

Tic TacToe VandH Style.png
By Kaya Kittyfeathers
BadgerReborn ,Badger66
Android, PC
great entries, and like William i'd like to see public viewing in Ardent,
maybe using some of the awesome videos made by the community