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Happy Friday! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :)

  • First Place = a tie
    • Zarola (US1) - 'Cloudy with a Chance of Hams'
    • Viranda (US2) - 'The Tale of Grinchta and the Heroes'
  • Second Place = Navarre (US1) - 'Navarre Meets Freddy'
  • Third Place = SBose307 (US2) - untitled

By Zarola

The Tale of Grinchta and the Heroes by Viranda

Long ago, in the time of the four elders, a great evil arose: A being called Grinchta. A bulbous green fellow with a heart as black as coal. He wanted nothing more than to make the lives of the villagers of ardent to be MISERABLE during the holiday season. He tore down trees, smashed presents, and ate all the feasts the people had prepared.

The four elders, unable to stop their quest to stop Mallok, granted blessings to thsoe who would battle the not-so-jolly green giant. Soon, an army of villagers arose. They were sick of Grinchta's antics. Whether the elders gave them the blessings or not, they refused to stand by while he destroyed all their hard work. They armed themselves with what they could and dove into battle.

Many villagers fell in battle. The others who lived mourned their friends and fought with more vigor than ever before! But no matter how many times he fell, Grinchta would always rise again in mere hours.

No villager would back down.

They continued their fight. This was their holiday! They wouldn't give in so easily.

The portal connecting Grincta's Lair and Ardent would only remain open for a few months. That's how long the villagers had to hold him off for. Their battles raged until the faithful day came and the portal closed.

A mass celebration rung throughout the Kingdom. Songs were sung for the fallen and stories were told of the harrowing battles. Deep down they all knew one thing: Grinchta would return.

Each and every year, Grinchta would return to Ardent to spread his reign of terror. Each and every year the villagers fought. It was such that each and every year the villagers stood together in growing numbers to protect their holiday festivities.

It was in battles such as these, that villagers became Heroes.

By Navarre

By SBose307