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Great stuff this week! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. Oh, and this is Father's Day weekend, so a shout out to all the dads out there! :D

  • First Place = Leusa syryn (US2) - 'Villagers and Hereos'
  • Second Place = Ivyleaf (US3) - 'Dusk's Adventures'
  • Third Place = a tie
    • Kookaburra (US1) - 'Waiting for Earth and Sea'
    • Xmerlindax (EU2) - 'Schweine' (Pigs)

Villagers & Heroes by Leusa syryn

Villagers and heroes
A game where i can be
Either a mage,warrior,priest
Man which ever is most mighty!
But its alright theres no need to think of demise
As long as i can protect my king leo the wise
Ardent city, such a place filled with dreams
Its as if i can do anything by any means!
I love it when i hear the band
But its not much better than the auction stand (xD)
I mean cmon i can keep talking till its rolling
But lets get away from this
Lets go to our village which is roaring

Ooooh the mighty lands of neverwinter
Such a place would never even give me another splinter
A place i can rest, feel free like a fine mister
Its a land full of trees and it always turns to winter

But after that! I explore the lands looking to survive
But i cant do that when im level 25! But i keep fighting
And fighting until my levels lighting
Saving ardent city from j.m is very exciting

Now after that, i log off see my hard work pay off
It feels really good when your working it all off
But its okay a game such as this is no demise
Playing this game has even made me more wise xD

Dusk's Adventures.jpg
By Ivyleaf

By Kookaburra

By Xmerlindax


Legendary Hero
Android, PC