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It's FRIDAY!! Anyone else happy about that? And, as an extra special treat, I think this is the first time in all of V&H Fan Friday history that a player has written an actual PLAY! :D Well done, Katniss! Thank you to all for the time and effort you put into these entries. Congratulations to the winners, and a big thanks to all who submitted.

First Place: Katniss Everdeen (US3) - 'The Birth of Lord Pyrrus'
Second Place: William Hououin and Bhee (US3) - 'The Mad Hatters'
Third Place: Navarre (US1) - 'Navarre and the Yeti'

THE BIRTH OF LORD PYRRUS - A play in One Act by Katniss Everdeen

Gray Lady: Narrator
Sebastian: Small boy, Saphira's older brother
Saphira: Smaller girl, Sebastian's younger sister

Theater is completely dark. Curtain stays down. Soft spotlight comes up slowly stage right. Centered in spotlight is a lady dressed in light gray. Dress goes from neck to wrists to ankles. Hair is light gray and skin has a somewhat grayish cast.

[GRAY LADY] I have come today to tell you a story. This is not the kind of story we tell small children to help them sleep. This is the story of which nightmares are made. It is the story of parents and their children pitted one against the other. Families torn apart and the innocents caught up in our vile acts. No one was spared the savagery taking place throughout the kingdom. It is the story of two, very small and very frightened children, a boy, named Sebastian, and his younger sister, Saphira. You may well wonder amidst all the butchery which took place, what makes these two significant enough to warrant their own story.


[GRAY LADY] We shall see.

Spotlight fades. Gray Lady exits stage right.

End Prologue

Scene 1

Curtain rises. Lights come up on an empty stage. Stage floor and backdrop are completely black. A young boy enters from stage right holding the hand of a younger girl. He is pulling on her in an attempt to get her to walk faster. She is stumbling. Sebastian, with a degree of exasperation in his voice.

[SEBASTIAN] Come on Saphira! Mummy and Daddy said we must run and hide.

[SAPHIRA] We’ve been running forever.

Children reach center stage. Saphira sits on the floor. Sebastian still holds her hand and half-heartedly pulls on it.

[SEBASTIAN] We can’t stay here.

Sebastian looks around.

[SEBASTIAN] There’s no place to hide.

Saphira is weeping

[SAPHIRA] My legs hurt and I’m hungry.

[SEBASTIAN] Maybe I can carry you on my back.

[SAPHIRA] I don’t want you to carry me.

[SEBASTIAN] Please Saphira. We can’t stay here.

Saphira starts to rise but falls back to a seated position. Begins to cry in earnest.

[SAPHIRA] My legs won’t work and my stomach hurts.

In a softer tone of voice Sebastian says

[SEBASTIAN] I know. I’m hungry too.

Sebastian sits on the floor, puts his arms around Saphira, pulls her close, and begins to cry. Lights slow fade out. Curtain drops.

End Scene 1

Scene 2
Curtains rise. Lights come up. Stage is empty. Black stage now has a hedgerow running across the back with a few breaks in it. One break at center stage. Saphira and Sebastian enter from stage right holding hands. They walk in silence to center stage where they stop.

[SAPHIRA] I’m hungry.

[SEBASTIAN] I know, so am I.

Sebastian lets go of Saphira’s hand and peers through the opening in the hedge.

[SEBASTIAN] The river is just over here. Maybe if we drank some water it would trick our stomachs into thinking we ate something. I’m really thirsty anyway.

[SAPHIRA] I’m really thirsty too. Are there fish in that water?

[SEBASTIAN] I suppose so.

[SAPHIRA] I can’t drink that. Fish have been pooping in it.

[SEBASTIAN] Poop’s not a very nice word. You’d better not let Mummy hear you say that.

[SAPHIRA] Daddy would think it was funny.

[SEBASTIAN] Sh…do you hear that?

[SAPHIRA] Hear what?

In the distance can be heard the clashing of swords and sounds of battle which grows progressively louder.


Sebastian grabs Saphira and pushes her through the break in the hedgerow. As this is happening, combatants enter from stage left and stage right, trapping Sebastian in the center. They begin to fight around Sebastian. One warrior raises his sword and brings the pommel down on Sebastian’s head.

Immediate blackout. Curtain drops.

End Scene 2

Scene 3

Lights slowly come up on Sebastian laying on the ground center stage. He slowly gets to his feet. His face is covered in blood. In a daze, he looks around.

in a loud whisper.

[SEBASTIAN] Saphira?

somewhat louder

[SEBASTIAN] Saphira?

He begins to look around. His actions become panicked. Yelling.

[SEBASTIAN] Saphira!

He looks between the bushes he pushed Saphira through. He reaches down and picks up an object. He turns to face the audience and holds it up to face level. It is a blood covered arrow.

Long drawn out scream


As his voice fades, the lights fade. The curtain lowers.

End scene 3


Theater is completely dark. Curtain stays down. Soft spotlight comes up slowly stage left. Centered in spotlight is the Gray Lady.

[GRAY LADY] Much too soon in his life our sweet, loving, young Sebastian learns there is one thing even stronger than love. An all-consuming thing for which we would give up our very humanity.


The desire for revenge.

Pause as the spotlight begins to fade to black.

[GRAY LADY] We reap what we sow.

Finish blackout Gray Lady exits stage left.


By William Hououin and Bhee

By Navarre

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Congratulations! These are all great!

"I'll have grounds. More relative than this—the play's the thing. Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."
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Awesome entries!!! congrats to all the winners.
Katniss that play would be a great one to have on the summers hollow theatre stage, and so game appropriate