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Happy Friday! Impresario, one word for you: WOW! This is an absolutely stand-out entry! It's a triple whammy - a written song (and so well written!), sung by you, and made into a video! I think it's phenomenal. And every once in awhile when an entry comes along of this caliber, and which clearly so much time and effort was put into, we like to give a little extra in the prize department to show our appreciation. (So I'm bumping up your crown prize a bit.) Truly great work. :) And, The Beer, love the depiction of the March calendar reward! FG, thanks for the smile!

Great work, all! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :)

First Place = Impresario (US3) - 'V&H World Chat Song'
Second Place = The Beer (EU1) - 'Invasion of Drakata's'
Third Place = FaunaG (US1) - untitled

V&H World Chat Song (to the tune of Simon and Garfunkel's, The Sound of Silence) by Impresario (who especially enjoys Disturbed's rendition of the song)

Hello world chat my old friend,
I’ve come to chat in you again,
With all your random spontaneity,
Please continue entertaining me,
With questions from people I don’t know,
That need to know,
“Oh where are seeds at?”

In vibrant red the world explodes,
With kindness, snark, and sometimes groans,
“Help me please with Lady Fate!”
“How do I level fast, I cannot wait”
And I realize, five minutes much too late,
I’m being trolled,
“Can we PVP?”

I joined this world to quest and play,
But now I chat the day away,
Joined with voices from across the world,
It’s been a week since I have talked in guild,
And again, I respond to a level three,
Who’s asking me,
“Are gems for crafting?”

I have lost all track of time,
These same old questions are a crime,
Every minute and every hour,
Clearly driven by a hidden power,
And this I know, that I too asked as well,
This I’ll tell,
“Are eggs, on beaches?”

And though I talk I’m still alone,
In my village, outside my home,
I close the chat and look around,
Staring down at my barren ground,
And with a smile, I open chat and say,
Just to play,
“Oh where are seeds at?”

By The Beer




I am so incredibly thankful for everyone that helped me make the video by shouting seemingly random phrases in world chat. You all are awesome for participating! I am so excited that people can see the final result now!! Thank you!!


Great entries but yeah,
that song sent chills down my back 2 or 3 times while listening to it... WOW!
Likes: Imp


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fauna's entry made me laugh and reminded me of my cat who is always making sure the decor of what she is on matches her (she is a black cat and lays on anything black she can find).

Oh IMP "where are boars bought"
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A marrvelous song with your own words, singing and videoing. A first place well deserved, without a shadow of a doubt :)