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Happy Friday! More terrific entries this week! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all who submitted. :D

  • First Place = Odd Ostrich (US3) - 'Beauty Lies Within'
  • Second Place = a tie
    • Missa Solemnis (US1) - 'How Asians Play with other Western timezones'
    • Viranda (US2) - 'The Viranda Chronicles - Chapter III: Verbose's Goodbye'
  • Third Place = FinalFlash (EU1) - 'Okyris - Before and After'


By Odd Ostrich


By Missa Solemnis

Viranda Chronicles - Chapter III: Verbose's Goodbye

By Viranda

“Mommy will be back, sweetheart.” Her purple eyes glistened. Little Vira stared up at her mother, remembering the fight from the previous night. Verbose only slept an hour and had spent the rest of the night preparing for the journey. A new mace was strapped to her back.

“When?” Vira’s voice started to crack as worry filled her. She heard her father say that her mother could die….

“Soon, baby. As soon as the bad guys are gone, I’ll be running straight home!” Verbose brushed tears from the girl’s face and brushed the hair from her silvery eyes. “Here,” She pulled a golden necklace with a large purple jewel out of her bag. The Jewel was almost the same color as Verbose’s eye. She put the necklace onto the little girl. Power emanated from the medallion. “Take it as a promise; I’ll come back to you, okay?” Verbose lifted Vira’s chin.

Vira nodded tearfully, but calmly. “Okay! And when you get back, you can teach me all sorts-a things so I can go next time… right?”

Verbose laughed, smiling brightly “okay. It’s a deal.” She looked behind her. A bell was ringing out in the darkness.

“Heroes! It’s time to move out!” Ryder’s voice rung through the town.

Verbose kissed Vira once more on the forehead and stood. She looked to Hodr, who’d been standing back in the hallway the whole time. She raised her hand and opened her mouth, as if she’d wanted to say something or embrace him, but…. instead, she looked down and picked up her bag from the floor and turned toward the door. With only a single more glance behind her she walked into the lightening darkness of the early morn and joined the rest of the volunteers, there were around 50, maybe more.

“Heroes, Mount!” Ryder called from his bay stallion in a commanding tone. He turned to leave, leading them into the fleeing darkness.

Vira stood in the doorway and waved goodbye to her mother as she strode away on Caspian, her horse. Verbose turned and waved back to Vira, a look glistening in her eyes, a look of uncertainty, as if she wanted to run back and embrace the girl in the doorway once more and perhaps never let go. Another call from Ryder beckoned her attention away, and with that she gave a final glance, turned and rode away.


By FinalFlash


I gotta say, I absolutely love the Okyris nerf image :)