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July 12 is:
National pecan pie day​
Eat your jello day​
National different colored eye day​
National simplicity day​
Paper bag day​
July 13 is:
National French Fry day​
National Beans n Franks day​
July 14 is:
National Mac n Cheese day​
National nude day​
National tape measures day​
July 15 is:
The release of A Tale of Earth and Sea​
I love horses day​
Give something away day​
Get out of the dog house day​
National Tapioca day​
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Today is simplicity day?? :love: I feel I passed with flying colours
So it is, traditionally celebrated by eating your jello out of a paper bag which you bought at a pecan pie shop from a person with heterochromia. Can't get any more simple than that right?!