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Well, I write this guide because even these days, I keep seeing warriors waiting at a corner, then running to Vesesia when she's about to cast her AOEs... and they die.
This thread is not about how hard she is, and I suppose you have a good group - enough to kill her:

A strong tank (usually a lightning warrior)
Some strong healers (usually 2 holy priests or more, healing mainly the tank)
Some good DPS.

Generals tips:
- Let the tank begin the fight.
- Open your /charts, put it on the threat output, and try to not steal the aggro.
- Don't stay close to Vesesia if you're not the main tank.
- Don't stay close to the top 3 of the threat chart (if the main tank has an accident... you know)
- Try to not stay between the tank and the healers.

Vesesia's pattern:
Nothing official, this comes from my own ingame observations, so the time and range can be wrong. She has 2 heavy AOEs centered on her, plus some attacks only for the tank. All of her attacks are close or mid-range, so you will be safe if you stay far from her.
Ground Quake: 18s cooldown, 15m radius, physical damage. Looks like a big blue ring on the floor followed by small rock chunks. If you're hit, you will run slowly.
Note: This attack deal A LOT of physical damage, but if you have a good armor stat this attack SHOULD NOT kill you (but stay careful)
Note: Damages are dealt when the rocks appears.

Bitter Chill: 13s cooldown, 6m radius, magical damage. Looks like a small blue ring on the floor, followed by a wave ring, then 6 "pillars" will appear (the lanterns on the 1st pic). While the pillars are up your attacks are slowed.
Note: This attack is exactly like the wizard feat, except the short cooldown and the important damage.
Note: This attack deal MASSIVE magical damage, and since most players don't have 35-40% magical res, trust me you don't want to be hit by that.
Note: Some time you won't see the visual effect: no ring, no pillars.
Note: Damages are dealt when the wave appears.
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You are the Tank:
-Try to have at least 40% in physical AND magical protection. Try to have as much health as you can! (remember that whatever your build is, you will die if you don't have strong healer(s) behind you - but healers can do nothing if you are one-shotted!)
-Grab a lot of mana potion, you're gonna spam your skills for the entire fight
-Take some Voltan's with you, some Half and Full potion if you can
-Use a Dram of Liberty to counter Vesesia's slow effect.
-Tank Vesesia far from the others, but stay visible to help the healers to focus you.
-If you're a lightning warrior and if you time it correctly, Spirit of the Storm can protect you during 2 Bitter Chill.

You are a Healer:
-Heal only the tank. Ranged players are safe, close-combat should manage their life - maybe, cast some AOEs to help them.
-Bring a lot of potions. Like the tank, you will spam your skill till the end.
-Important: Tank must be at full-life and shielded BEFORE being hit by Bitter Chill! (check spoiler to time this attack) This AOE can OS, if the tank survive his life will be low, so heal the him after that too.
-If you're strong enough you can stay inside Ground Quake range, but don't go inside Bitter Chill range.

You are a ranged DPS:
Stay outside Ground Quake range, don't steal the aggro, and all should be well ;)

You are a close-combat player:
Well, as I said before, all of her attack are close or mid-ranged... and they hit really, really hard. As close-combat fighter, you have to adapt to be able to hit her without dying.
1) The safest way:
-Find a weapon with a ranged attack (if it's not for your subclass, keep this weapon in your inventory and use it only for Vesesia)
-Stay outside of Ground Quake range, uncheck your auto-attack (else you will run to her)
-Spam your ranged skill when it's ready.
-If you're lightning warrior: watch your threat if you use this method, you're not the main tank.

Well, if you do that, you will get the kill, but you won't do much much damages... So, if you're sure you can survive Ground Quake:
2) The dangerous way:
-You wait her to cast Bitter Chill (see the spoiler for more infos)
-You run to her, spam every attack you have (in less than 10s),
-Then you flee outside of Ground Quake range.
-If you didn't get hit, rinse and repeat every time you can/want.
-Else (if you're not dead) stay far and heal yourself.

I hope this will help a bit :)


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This ⬆ is right.
A high level holy priest with good magic and physical protection can also tank it if you don't have a lightning warrior at disposal. With the use of a sun nectar and breakfast I survive it. The hardest part in fact is to keep the aggro. With righteousness I don't even need mana pots.


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I find you get damage all the way on the outer edge. I have died at the outer edge and seen others die there.

I also want to thank you for the guide it will be helpful.


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I've tried for three days to get this boss and always die, and never have rezzies so I gave up. Not doing it, no matter what I've tried I die there and it's no help to a group for me to die, and I cannot get back in, so bleh. I'm not doing it.