Hello Villagers & Heroes community! We recently had the opportunity to sit down and have an interview with Mad Otter Games about the upcoming expansion and recent data breach. We wanted to let you all know that it is now available to read here, if you desire.

We also wanted to let all of you know that were very touched by your support of Mad Otter Games during the difficult times during the data breach. You guys have something special here.

Thank you to Damon for taking the time to interview with us!
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Thank you! I've been saying that the Otters took lemons (the hack) and, through the livestreams and continual interaction with us the players, turned those lemons into amazing lemon creme pies, and that someone in the greater game community needed to take notice. Thank you for noticing! (And we do love our pie in V&H!)
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Thank you for coming in to share your interview!

It is true, we love the game and our Otters! I've been around many moons now but even very new players find the same thing I did, a great game to play and devs who really do care about the community!

Thank you again!


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Thank you for doing this interview and for sharing it here. Spread the word far and wide about our awesome game and our awesome otters!


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Awesome Interview with Damon Thank You MMO Court for taking notice of our wonderful Raft of Otters