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Depends on your account. Steam, android and iOs all have account bound item shop items. Only on sac, with at least 1 toon that is above lvl 40 will you get unbound items from the shop
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It depends entirely on which platform you play on (SAC, Steam or mobile), whether you have ever purchased crowns, and your combat level/whether you have ever rebirthed. There's a thread around here somewhere which explains it better, and in more detail. (The change was made sometime around December of last year.) All of the related changes are related to previous exploits. (The loopholes needed to be closed, so that the Otters don't incur financial losses.)

Basically, if you're on Steam or mobile, all item shop purchases are accountbound. If you're on SAC and have never purchased crowns, they're all soulbound. If you're on SAC and are at least lvl 40 in combat and have bought crowns, you can trade all item shop purchases (except for mounts, although the pack of dragons can be traded, if unopened.)