When reaching max level in crafting, a character learns to craft tools such as the Turgid Spoon or the Koldcore Hammer. These increase crafting XP gained by 19%. What is the point of these tools? I'm asking because:
  • no more crafting XP can be earned after level 90.
  • the tools themselves require crafting level 90 to use, so if you want to create them for an alt or some other player, they have to this level to use them. At which point, they can make them themselves.
  • they cost quite a lot: 500 gold each, and there are 4 of them.
  • each provides only 1% more XP than the level 80 tools.


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I'm waiting until the level cap is raised to make the lvl 90 crafting tools. Also, despite having certain level 90 skills, I try not to master or craft level 90 recipes until I have actual need of the materials/gear. It's a real bummer when you don't get any xp for gathering/crafting materials that you need. This is why I'm trying to stagger my toons, so that I don't have all 4 toons unable to get xp for stuff I need to have made.

(Also note that I make an exception for the lvl 90 gathering tools, as this directly affects your chances of getting the perks from bountiful gathering. Those tools I do replace as soon as the related skill maxes out.)

Oh, and the other reason why you wouldn't be able to trade those lvl 90 crafting tools to an alt is that they're soulbound upon creation, just like the crafted trinkets.