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so today i went to visit my new housemate.
his name is Grizzli, he's 9yrs old and from Poland.
he is one of the 2 dogs who's website pics i kept going to look at the past weeks.
he was kind of my fave because one of the pics reminded me so much of the look Murff used to give me
but i kind of finally wanted a big black pup. that didn't work out though, the lady at the shelter was pretty offhand because it was raining and the dog would be a bit aggresive because of my rain gear.
in hind sight, i'm glad.
went to the other shelter and straight away i was asked if i'd like to walk him ...
and we both got wet.
i will be visiting him the next couple of days for more walks and getting to know each other.
i'm hoping it won't be long though before he takes his place on the sofa.
and while i'm here, i would just like to say a huge thankyou to The Otterz and comunity for your interest and sympathy after losing Murff. it's gonna still take a while i guess before the tears finally dry up, but Grizzli has pretty furry shoulders :)
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I was so sorry to hear about Murff, as I am sure many on these forums and in game were. It is great to hear that you are close to getting a new friend.

And on a secondary note, Well Done and thank you for getting a pet from a shelter.
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Badger - your story reminds me of my most recent used dog. There is a shelter a couple of hundred miles away that brings in small and medium dogs from California and Arizona (bless the Dog is My Co-pilot flyers who volunteer to bring them to new homes). The dog I was interested in had an ear infection and they were not going to let him go for a few weeks. But his pen mate was available - a perky Border Terrier named Gus. I never would have picked Gus out from his online description, but he was alert and enthusiastic, so the attendant asked if I would like to take him for a walk. He stayed right next to me on a loose leash for half an hour.

The rest is history. Gus and I are inseparable, mostly (he has not learned to love swimming in the lake, but we will work on it again this summer). He is so well mannered and personable, I can't imagine that he had not been snapped up by the first person who saw him (dogs his size - 25 pounds - go very quickly). He visits the local assisted living home with me and is a big hit there too. I feel so very lucky Gus found me.

Best wishes to you and your new dog-to-be, whether that is Grizzli or another dog looking for a good home!
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tbh, i wasn't really sure i'd get another dog, believe it or not, i am terrified of dogs no matter what size, due to a few attacks by 'he only wants to play' type dogs.
at 57 and varying health i was sure i didn't want to get a puppy though to train up, i don't have a clue if i can sincerely devote up to maybe 15 years, and the thought of having to leave a pup is the worst i can imagine.
so, getting a larger dog was an adventure in itself, but i totally felt okay with Grizzli and i'm pretty sure i'm making the right decision, especially as it started snowing when i got back home. i'm taking that as a message from Murff that he's fine with my decision as we both love the snow so much