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Hi, Everyone,

Today we will be doing a livestream to update you all on the status of things. We know many of you have a lot of questions about bugs, and membership issues, and compensation, and much more, so we will try to answer those and let you all know where we are with things. Hope you all can join us today on our VH Twitch Channel!

The livestream will be at:
  • 1pm PST
  • 4pm EST
  • 22:00 CET
  • 21:00 GMT
  • 18:00 BRT


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Since this was a special "State of the Game" livestream, I have created Notes for this stream; they follow below! :)

Damon, Sarah & Cameron were on camera
Cameron & Ivar were in chat

Sarah & Damon start us off together on camera. Hi everyone! Damon shows off his “Oregon” pullover. Brief discussion of ongoing snow issues in Eugene. We can see a big blue Mad Otter banner in the background, and Damon shows off some of the otter art that hangs in the office. Damon likes otters because they are cool, and confident! Damon says that Sarah is allowed to heckle him today!

Now that the game is live, the Otters are calling this “Triage week”. So this is just an update on where we are on everything. First announcement is that the game is stable! Servers are up and stable, and backups are being made. No more rollbacks, no need to take the servers back down! All of this is good news.

Steps to prevent this in the future: we can’t promise it will never happen again, but we can tell you what we have done.
  • Better security in place on the servers, but at least 2 additional levels of security (not saying what it is because there are bad people out there)
  • “Spare tires” are in the plans (backup/alternate servers)
  • All the server code is backed up, and if it were to happen again, we could come up much more quickly because all of the server code is backed up and would not have to be re-written.
Sarah talks about the Compensation package - target date is March 15. Please remember that there are some more pressing issues (like some membership bugs) that the Otters are continuing to work on, but the anticipated date is still the 15th, a week from today. A lot of people have questions about eligibility, please submit a Customer Service ticket - with our new form that is online now! You don’t have to email any more. When the Compensation package is ready, everyone will know, we will broadcast it everywhere. (Editor's Note: Please don't send a CS ticket just to ask when you will get the Compensation Package - as Otters have indicated many times previously, everyone will get it at the same time, via a direct drop into your Overflow bag. Should the anticipated delivery date change, the Otters will update us accordingly.)

Damon explains that there were some other things that had to be fixed first, and he has a new list for us: The Known Issues List
  1. Payment for PC users is broken (Steam, Android & iOS are working) This was discussed before; and the Otters are hoping to have a system in place early next week for PC users to be able to buy Crowns. PC users can spend Crowns they happened to have already, and can log in to a mobile device to purchase Crowns there.
  2. Ardent Society memberships that renew (renewing subscriptions for PC players) are not crediting to the account and the players are not getting their rewards. Sarah has to manually set each one up right now. We hope to have this fixed within about a week, in the interim, please send in a support ticket and Sarah will help you.
  3. Another membership issue: It’s called the “Multiple Rewards Membership bug” and so basically what happens is renewing members repeatedly get AS rewards (sometimes up to 40 times) it’s about 50 people. If you are one of the 50 people, please just leave all of the extras where they are.; don’t sell them, give them away, auction them, or delete them - the Otters will come along and fix everything and remove the extra items. Please remember that as Devs they might have to log in to your accounts; if you get a message while playing that you have been logged out due to dev access please forgive the Otters. Because of this bug, the Otters have had to turn off renewing AS memberships on PC, so from now on, your credit card will be charged - but you will have to contact Customer Service to let Sarah know that your membership needs to renew.
  4. Android players only (Not PC, Not Steam, Not iOS) are experiencing a bug when changing servers or changing characters. The game “hangs” on a loading screen. It’s annoying and we are going to get it fixed. This requires a restart to play; close the app completely and restart to continue playing.
  5. We changed the website URL! New website: (the website was being hosted in the data center, and they wanted to get it up and running, so they grabbed a new URL) It should redirect from the old one, but it might not.
  6. Store text looks weird for some people; it may say “[Handle…]” for some people; multiple reboots have not completely fixed it, so they have pushed out a new version of the store. If you are in the game, you may need to restart the game to see it.
  7. Support Form is working again! The main thing to emphasize here is that you no longer have to send direct emails - please use the Support Form! We really need your in-game character & server info to help you. AND for so long now, we weren’t able to attach images to a CS ticket, but now Players can actually attach screenshots to CS tickets! (Normally, Sarah has a database she can cross-reference for information, but right now, she cannot access that so PLEASE be sure to include the character name & which server you are having the problem with)
  8. Login & password reset, password change issues were being reported - every single one that was reported was user error, and those systems are working. Again, we are encouraging everyone to change your password, just as a precaution.

Time for questions:
  • Is the slow launcher load time normal for PC? How slow? One user indicates that 5-10 minutes, several say it’s slow.
  • Will leaderboards ever be working again? Yes, eventually, it’s just not a high priority right now.
  • Sugarsweet? We think we are planning on it, but we have to get out of crisis mode first
  • Are picking plants on US1 known to glitch - I can’t pick all my plants? Otters just did some server reboots that we are hoping may fix some of these issues, but they will look at this instance to see what it happening.
  • What is “SAC” - “Stand Alone Client” (the PC version of the game)
  • Combat experience is underrepresented in Compensation? Diet will address this
  • When do we get last months calendar items? In the Compensation on the 15th
Let’s do a reveal! Damon & Sarah will do the reveal, Cameron has set everything up for them.

We enter the game - we are just outside new Summers Hollow. We see a character; Damon says his name is “Gamurka”. We will see the Shadow Priest new combo for Talent/Ultimate! Talent is “Vile Echoes” & Ultimate is “Shadow Weave”
  • “Vile Echoes” - your curses additionally apply a Vile Echo which deals additional standard level shadow damage over a period of time. Vile Echoes damage is considered a curse.
  • “Shadow Weave” - when one or more of your curses are on an enemy that dies, those curses will attempt to spread to another nearby enemy. If no enemy is nearby, they will instead jump to you, restoring a percentage of your missing health and mana per curse.
(Sarah says goodbye, and Cameron/Diet come on camera to help explain the new combo)

Cameron explains that there was another semantic change here: Shadow Priests have a semantic change - all of the their Damage Over Time effects are now considered a curse, and they all say so in their tooltip. (Example: Gloom is now considered a curse) It just makes it clearer what is happening with all of the Damage Over Time effects.

Cameron says that they can’t really demonstrate “Shadow Weave” but there will be a visual that you will see, where you will see the curse go to another enemy. Cameron feels it makes the Shadow Priests much more viable in dungeons and solo.

Vile Echoes is also considered a curse, and so will also jump if you have Shadow Weave.

Damon says we just wanted to update everyone, because there was a lot of chaos and stuff going on, and they are going to keep working. The next stream will be the “Let’s Play with Diet” on Friday morning! So far, the poll is trending towards Marksman Hunter. Diet will be playing on US3 starting with a level 1 character!

Things are good - Otters are relaxing a bit, and getting things back to normal!

One last question: Are hybrids still viable in the game? Cameron says definitely yes.

Thanks for showing up - once again, thank you for sticking with us through The Dark Ages, The Snowstorm, or Snowmaggedon (they are going to call it one of those three). We will talk to you again on Friday! Bye!

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Many thanks to Nadiriya, if not for you, then many non-American speaking users never knew what was happening on the stream. Now there are no translators on the Internet that can translate the American language and special slang to soundtherefore, your textual stream reports are the only available information to find out what is going on. Can you become the official MadOtters press secretary and get paid ?:love::):p


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Many thanks to Nadiriya, if not for you, then many non-American speaking users never knew what was happening on the stream. Now there are no translators on the Internet that can translate the American language and special slang to soundtherefore, your textual stream reports are the only available information to find out what is going on. Can you become the official MadOtters press secretary and get paid ?:love::):p
LOL I'm truly just glad to help all my V&H family all over the world! :)