I do like your game a lot but there are a few things I been thinking about and here comes one of them..I am 75 years of age and my eyesight ain’t as good as it used to be. Reading your map is a real pain for me (I do use reading glasses). It’s very hard to see road tracks and other stuff so I am mainly running all over the place on some maps trying to find this boss or whatever it is I’m looking for.

Why not give us the opportunity to zoom in on the map? Doing that I think would help a lot of players that like me that do not have such a good eyesight. Kind regards


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Yes! Some zones have bounty icons on top of each other and it is hard to find certain bounties.

The world map is also horrible when tring to navigate. It's very hard to find places and the the list of zones is not as helpful as it could be. I would love to see improvements such as:
1. We could see the whole world map and then have areas that we could zoom in on.
2. Give us a search function for finding zones quickly.
3. Be able to favorite specific zones in the list on world map for easy travel.
4. Get ride of the word "The" behind some of the zones as that makes it much harder to find a zone in the list on the world map.
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Great ideas!
I also find it interesting to put some kind of differential mark on bounties (such as a star over his head), to visually facilitate their location, because often they are the same as the mobs around.
I have difficulties reading the quests, names of npcs, I would like to be able to increase the Fonts of the letters of the game.
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Have to agree with all these points. My eyes aren't what they uses to be either lol. I keep my system magnification tool on screen all the time. I hate it but I zoom all the time to read the screen. Slows things down but at least I can read what I need to do then I just kill everything to make sure I get the bounty. The unfortunate thing is alot if times I end up missing the bounty because newer players seem to take advantage and run in and kill the bounty while I'm killing the littles
Also while we are at it..I wish these teleport pads would have 2 colors..Red = you have not visit that pad..Green = you have visit the pad..I sometimes get confused when traveling from on zone to another, so make life easy for us make them different as mentioned.
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