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Hey, Everyone,

At long last, we are getting the ball rolling with some much needed V&H merchandising! We’ve found a good service that we’ll be using, and now we need some feedback from you all!

We know that we will offer both Mad Otter logos as well as Villagers & Heroes logos on the items, and also logos for various expansions we’ve done over the years. But what we’d really like to hear from you on, are what sort of other game images would you be interested in? Instead of us throwing together a ton of mock-ups of Elder Bosses or characters, we’d love to hear ideas from you! So please, have at it, post away! Pyrrus? Brindles with a BRA slogan? Bog Frogs? You tell us.

We know we will offer the following items, but please let us know if there are other items of interest to you as well:
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodie Sweatshirts
  • Baseball Caps
  • Coffee Mugs
  • Mouse Pads

Below, are examples of logos we will be using. But please get creative, and tell us what else you’d love to see! Thanks, all!




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Whoooot !


Collectable cards (like, the name of an elder boss with a little back story and stats)


Phone cases

Poster (autographed poster would be even better)

Temporary tattoos (so my kids would look way cooler)

Bracelet /pendant (like a necklace with cure would be great for some irl situation)

I’ll start thinking and will be back with more ...

Mwuahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha !!!!!!!!! (Striking a cool pose).


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I'd buy a black snapback hat with the otter's face on the front, and a similar wristband in an instant. a mug as previously mentioned would be on my list, too :p
I think it's important to keep at least a portion of the clothing side (if we do get it) to be very down to earth. I, for one, wouldn't want to walk around with the game's title plastered on my chest however I would love to wear a Mad Otter shirt, a mad otter on my shirt. That way it's more of a comfortable design, than a walking billboard.
something like this for a shirt, maybe without the shield. that's more of an extra something I've been drafting. A hat, wristband, or the like would obviously serve better with the traditional mad otter head.
Edit: This might just be my need for a mouse mat, but an extended mat (sits a keyboard and mouse) with realm based designs would be amazing. Be it Greenhaven, Stormhold, Ardent, or any other. The V&H shield could then be on the far right for the mouse to have it's own section. Now obviously you can't see through a keyboard, but a more themed landscape would be nice, to see beneath and around.
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Please make the coffee mugs big ones, at least 16 ounces! When I drink coffee, I drink some coffee lol.

It would be great to have sturdy stickers so we could put the V&H or the otter on whatever we want, like a phone or tablet case. Magnets and keychains would be great as well!
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This is very exciting.

My favorites so far are:
  • zip-up otter hoodies
  • deck of playing cards with in-game characters on them
  • mouse/keyboard mat with any game artwork (I have the real world on my mat now but who wouldn't give that up for a V&H option?)

I am sure you thought of this Sarah Otter, but I assume there will be an international shipping option for players who do not live in the USA.
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I do T-shirts. If the hoodie has a zipper all the way down, I'd do that to. I like the mad otter logo and the color Villagers & Heroes logo with the shield and crossed shovel / sword.
Yeah I want a hoodie with the zipper all the way to the bottom. Could wear it like a coat. Would LOVE that.
With otter head on left chest area with villagers and Heros on the back or armband area. AWESOME
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Ooo key chain and magnet for sure, coffee mug and agreed on large size I love me some coffee lol, Tshirt with otter on it a large size umbrella with MOG logo would be cool my favorite logo is the MoG otter so nothing to add for that although elder bosses would be neat. Definitely playing cards with little back stories would be awesome. Like how the BRA came to be omgosh so many neat things. *Puts my thinking cap on and wishes I was more creative