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Hello everyone,

We officially have payment back up and running for PC standalone client!

There are a few things to note:
  • We have switched payment providers! Our new payment provider is Xsolla. Xsolla not only provides some better features and upgrades from what we were using before, but it also is more secure. We are excited about this new partnership!
  • While the store page may look fairly bland at the moment, it is in the process of getting a Villagers and Heroes makeover. So don’t worry, it won’t be a bland white and green, and no longer will it talk about the Fury of the Stone Lord! Exciting!
  • The new interface should be simple to use and just as easy to purchase crowns or subscriptions for Villagers and Heroes.
  • If players wish to purchase items while not logged into the game (whether at work, or on your phone, etc.) you can do so by visiting this link and signing in using your game credentials:
There are also a few things to know about subscriptions:
  • Players who have active recurring subscription will automatically be transferred over to the new provider. Your payments will continue using the exact same PayPal as before, everything should work without you having to do anything. However if you do have an issue, feel free to head over to our customer support page and submit a ticket. The link can be found here.
  • Subscription pricing has changed! We are lowering prices and making some other changes. See this post over here for full details.
Everything should be working as of right now, so feel free to head into the shop and check it out!
What about foreign currencies? Ingame, the six month renewing Ardent Society membership shows a price of 35€. The payment website shows a price of 35$ which is currently about 30,90€ according to the built in currency calculator by Google. When I proceed to checkout, that amount changes to 32,57€ which is what I'd probably have to pay. (Did not test yet.) Although that is more expensive than the current exchange rate, it is probably still cheaper as intended, therefore I have no objections. I just wanted to let you know.

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Thank you so much for getting the PC payment working. In honor of it working, can we have a crown sale? Please please please. BTW, I don't mind at all if it keeps talkin about the Fury of the Stone Lord. LOL
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