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Since pets keep being mentioned on the livestreams, my hubby & I thought it would be fun to share our pet pictures. Fiona is our almost 2 year old Pomeranian and Zoe is our 8 year old Shiba Inu.

Fiona in her PJs to help keep the snowballs from sticking, and helping her dad play V&H!
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Zoe might be part cat... :)
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Mentioned in chat tonight that I spun my dog's fluff so here are photos. Have been saving the fluff from my Norwegian elkhounds for years and finally learned to use a drop spindle and couldn't wait to try out Shasta's fluff. Haven't made anything with it yet but glad now that I have a part of Shasta as we lost her recently. I made the spindle from dowels and toy wheels and this was the 1st one and it spins funny. I made a few more with a bit larger wheel and it works better. The photo is the first bit of Shasta's fluff I used. I have gotten better at spinning fine and with more twist so it holds together better. Wool has longer fiber length and is easier to spin so most people that do use dog fluff mix it with wool but wool makes me itchy so I've not added any wool to my Shasta's fluff. I do have to use the spindle supported rather than let it drop since Shasta's fur is pretty short. I'm happy with it so that works for me. I still have bags to spin and wash. And no it doesn't smell like wet dog once it is washed. I use vinegar and dawn dish soap to get it clean. To get the stiff guard hairs out I put the fluff in a pillowcase and tumble it with no heat in the dyer. The stiffer hairs stick into the pillowcase and leave the fluff inside with very little guard hair that has to be picked out.
IMG_4511.JPG IMG_4501.JPG IMG_4518.JPG the dark hairs are the stiff guard hair.
Shasta FB_IMG_1552420623001.jpg
well that's all I can find tonight.