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Image Limit: Please increase this to 15 if possible. If it is for rendering reasons, then I understand the current limit - however if there is a little leeway, 15 would be very useful ;)
The image limit is actually 20, although the attachment limit was 10. I've set both to 20 now :)
Hi I ran into some issues with signing up for the new forum.

First - Finding the forum.
I nomally use a shortcut to "whats new" therefore i missed the big banner on the front page of the old forum. (Why would anyone wisit the homepage of a forum? its lunacy i tell ya! lunacy!)
So when i went looking i went to Mad otters main site. The official Mad Otter webpage is pointing to the old forum. And the home page of the old forum then points you to the new forum.
I suggest updating this page http://www.madottergames.com/games/

Secondly - Signing up.
I use a Firefox ESR for Linux. This particular browser does aparently not display recapcha, at all. Leaving me somwhat confused on what i was supposed to verify. I dunno if im a fringe case in this matter but if its not too hard it might be an idea to write some comment on how some browsers dont work. Just incase recaptcha dont work enough to deliver its own error message. (found that one when i tried register using my pad)

Third - Online status.
Despite unticking every box under privacy, including the one about displaying online status. I can still see my name on the front page.

To sumerize.
I got lost. I couldnt get in. But now that im here evereyone will know about it.

oh yes 1morethingelydoo can is there a spellchekk.? :)


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Not sure if the feature already exists, but if possible to have a word and/or character count when making threads and posts, it would be a huge benefit for those of us that are a bit... long winded. Knowing how much text to delete to fit within the character constraints for example.

Thanks for all you do Ivar!