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Hello all,

Today we had a fun livestream and I gave out a prize at the end. However after the fact I was informed that I actually misspoke about the correct answer! The question was about my dogs and what kind of breed they were bred down from. The correct answer is Spitz dogs, but at one point in the stream I mispoke and said husky. Oops.

So that means that and individual named mariot000 (from twitch) was the first to get the correct answer. So I need to know who this person is so I can get them their prize. I also awarded the prize to another player, and that player will still get their prize! We will just give out two prizes.

So if you or anyone knows who this player is, please let them know to contact me here on the forums with their character name, server, and which mount from the shop they want (can be anyone).

Thank you all!


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Sorry, I know the IGN's (and servers) of many people on Twitch, but I'm not familiar with that individual. Wish I could help....