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After watching the part of last Friday's live stream I missed, I have a question directly related to the new start area. you said rebirthed players or anyone who was in summers hollow would not redo that area. What about players that are in gilly tunnel at the time the new area goes live? will they be bumped to summers hollow or will they do the new start area material?

(Mod please feel free to move this post to the Earth shaman reveal livestream (or ???) since it is directly related to it I could not find it)
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Except if you created the character only to reserve the name for later use
I would wager to guess if you just created the toon for that purpose you would not have loaded the toon in game. I assume the named toon is a place holder for a Shaman, which case you would delete the named place holder toon and create a new one. Therefore would enter in the new zone.

I am also assuming if someone created a toon now, but did not load into the game, that after the expansion that toon would enter into the new zone. I imagine the old zone will be removed so it would be impossible to load into.

I’m not sure why someone would enter the game and logoff before going the short distance to summers hollow.

Just my guess ;)

Look forward to an otter response.


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I have three toons that I created on US3 last February, immediately after that server launched. Two of them are out of Gilly Tunnel. I purposely created toon #3 (yes, partly to reserve the toon name for future use), but primarily so that there could be an experienced player who had access to Gilly Tunnel, to answer questions or to deal with any issues in there. When there's a sudden influx of new players, it's incredibly helpful if someone can easily access the exact zone where all of the brand-new players are located (without going through the whole character creation process. That's too time-consuming, when other needs are more important.)

If my toon won't be automatically moved to the new spawning point for new characters, I suppose I'll move her into Summers Hollow proper, but I'd simply like to know in advance of the patch what measures I need to take to be able to achieve my goals. It's less of an issue now, but it's still handy to be able to pop into that exact location.