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Since right now the Realm Wardens are just avoided for the most part, how about having the dragons drop things that may or may not be helpful depending on where a player's character is in the game such as a random number of medallions, charter tokens and/or silver. Depending on which dragon is defeated they might instead drop bonuses we get from gathering like the carps or scorpions or something else. They could also be made more difficult to fight and Realm Wardens not as common, and they drop 5 parts of something like a dragon toy or an old gnog pack. These are just a few ideas.
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Those sound like really nice ideas. I find myself avoiding to kill the wardens as much as possible, because apart from killing each dragon once for the first kill bonus exp (which isn't all that impressive either) I find the effort (kill warden, wait for zone to load, kill dragon, wait again for zone to load) too much hassle to make the rewards worth it. Which is such a shame since the whole teleporting concept is great, and the dragons are beatiful and impressive at sight, promising something great after succesfully defeating them.. It would be great if that was actually the case.

I am in favour of the dragons having a chance to drop a rare collectible, may it be a boost of some kind, or a shard which can be collected over a longer period of time and then traded in for some vanity item orso.


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If they offer some sort of reward they will have to start doing damage because currently they do no damage.

How about if you kill a warden grouped your whole group gets summoned to the big dragon boss with a chance of a rare item :)
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