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Contest #5: Server Group Photo

I’m sure every holiday season, some of you have either sent out or received a Christmas card/letter which includes a group photograph of a smiling family all dressed up in their most festive garb wishing you a very Merry Christmas. (The family dog usually wears a Santa hat in such photos.)

For this contest, we’d like to see just that (sans the dog) -- a posed group photo of your server family! All participants should be dressed in either holiday outfits, or wearing the colors red and green.

The group photo must be taken on the staircase in Ardent City leading up to the village portal. The submitted screenshot should include some sort of holiday message from your server on it. (For example: “Merry Christmas, from EU1,” etc.)

The group photo with the most number of participants in it will be deemed the winner.

  • Participants in the photo must be wearing holiday garb or holiday colors
  • Participants must be posed on the staircase in Ardent City
  • A holiday message of any kind with the name of your server must be included on the submitted group photo.
  • When posting submissions, you must include the number of participants depicted in the photograph in your post.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries. (i.e. every server has multiple tries at this.) Once the contest has closed, we will select the photos with the most number of players in them as being a server’s final entry.
  • You may post your submissions on either the Forums or Discord.

  • The submission with the most number of participants in it will be deemed the winner, and that server will receive 2 Points for this contest.
  • There are no individual crown winners for this contest for obvious reasons.

This contest will close on December 24th at: 12pm PST/ 3pm EST/ 20:00 UTC/ 21:00 CET
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