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Hi US2 folks. I want to sell things to you and make a lot of money! You can probably get this stuff from Oober for free, but if you buy from me, you'll know your helping me make a profit!

I want to start off small. I am growing Goblin Husks on my main (he's lvl 89 gardening) The goblin husks give the max benefit for motes and supply find of all the herbs. I'm willing to sell them for half the price of the lvl 89 flower (22hr). So, 19.8 silver each.
Also, I want to sell the fleece my sheep produce and the specialty dram brewing services by my potionmaster.

Goblin Husks - 19.8 silver each
Fleece - 1.7 silver per LFE (lvl1 fleece equivalent. Ex: lvl 90 fleece = 3.8 lvl 1 fleece) helpful for levelling your tailoring (double xp compared to worms) <- cheaper than motes to increase xp gain.

Drams by Sprigga (TM)
Treasure Drams - mats and cost + 4 silver each.
Malice Drams - mats and cost + 4 silver each.

However tell me what stuff you want to buy and I can see what price I can get on them (don't mention Zorian stuff, them ain't cheap!). Remember, "At Sprig, Spraig, and Spriggas, our first priority is always You(r contribution to our profits)."
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