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For the initial forum post about the breach, go here. If you want to comment on the state of things you can also use that thread.

Furthermore, if you receive any unsolicited email from Villagers & Heroes or from Mad Otter, or from Neonga, asking you for any kind of personal information - or directing you to click on some link - IGNORE IT. We will never ask you for personal information through email.

  1. Secure everything! Account & character backups need to be preserved offline. Secure the servers. Completed Feb 14.
  2. Alert the players! Discord, Forums, press release, notifications, livestreams and more. Completed Feb 14.
  3. Get the data center back online, and secure. Completed Feb 16.
  4. Set up the game machines - the actual hardware. Completed Feb 18.
  5. Assess where we are. What did we lose, what did we preserve? Completed Feb 19.
  6. Provision the machines - mostly complete, but some more to do. Includes installing OS, DB, name servers, etc. Completed Feb 23.
  7. Install all scripts to servers & configure the machines. Completed Feb 27
    1. Reconstructing the Authentication and Login Server : Completed Feb 23.
    2. Certificates Installed : Completed Feb 23.
    3. Creating Complete Game Server Image (one entire shard- ie, US1, US2, etc.) Completed Feb 27
  8. Clone to all 5 Shards - US1, US2, US3, EU1, EU2. Completed Feb 27.
  9. Restore saved player accounts & characters to the servers. Completed Feb 27.
  10. Testing → Fixing → Testing → Fixing iteration loop ↩ Completed Feb 28.
  11. LIVE - DANCE PARTY - CHAMPAGNE! Completed March 1.
  12. Player compensation for downtime, subscriptions, XP, etc.

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Feb 23 Update: We believe, but cannot promise, that the Game will go Live somewhere between Tuesday, Feb 26 and Thursday, Feb 28. We are getting close!

We finished reconstructing the authentication and login server code! This was the biggest unknown, so it's good to have it behind us. We are hoping to finish the work to create a complete Game Server Image (one entire Shard) today.
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