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I have around 250 crowns and I am looking for some suggestions as to how to spend it.

I am not interested in mounts.
I already have a shared trunk in US 3 as I am an Ardent Society member.
I also have enough storage spaces in my bag.
I am currently playing a priest and hunter and I do not plan leveling anymore toons till I complete max level with one of them. So I am not interested in buying character slots.

What other options are available for spending crowns ?

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Maybe sockets? Even at max level you will occassionally find or make something better. I also like the Artificer Pack for buffs on crafting. These are just things I like. :)
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I would definitely recommend the Reaper's pack, but it unfortunately is 400 crowns, not just 250. The three extra animal slots might also be an option, if you haven't already purchased any.


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I purchased some storage and the shared vault first. The shared vault is permanent. Since AM no longer gives sockets I am not sure if I would purchase sockets or the gathering tools and crafting tools next.
I would purchase gathering tools and crafting tools after buying a little storage but before buying additional sockets. In my opinion, you'll gain more benefit if you get the item shop tools before you begin spending any sockets on your gear. (You outgrow all that lowest level gear so quickly that it's not really worth spending sockets early on. And the item shop tools will always be useful, no matter what your combat level or skills levels are!)
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Just to add another opinion, I have never regretted getting the Reapers Pack. Yes, it costs 400 crowns, but it returns crowns as part of the package..I believe 50...making the final cost 350 crowns. Far better than buying the tools individually. For me, the tools are account bound, letting me pass them to my other toons to use. I have heard some people say their tools are soulbound. Clarification on this point would be really helpful!
But regardless, if you do a fair amount of gathering, the tools are an awesome help in my opinion. The savings in gold alone for repairs and replacements made it worth it to me.