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Oh, we’re not done with you all yet this holiday season!

In addition to the Secret Santa Event, we’ve got a little something else up our red and green sleeves for players to participate in, both in-game and out, which will give our exceedingly creative community a chance to show off their numerous talents and rally their servers together in a festive Server versus Server competition!

How It Works

Starting on Wednesday, December 12th, the first of six special contests will be posted here on the Forums, and on Discord. Every other day a new contest will be posted. Submissions for all six contests will close on December 24th. Each contest is worth a certain number of points. The server with the most number of points will be deemed the victor. Winners will be announced on December 26th.

Server contest winners will be determined by participation: for each contest, whichever server submits the most number of valid entries will be deemed the winner.

ADDITIONALLY, the Event Committee will select the top two best entries in each contest (where applicable), and award the individuals who created them 100 Crowns and 75 Crowns, regardless of their server.

The rules and criteria for each contest varies, and will be made clear in the post for each contest. Participants may submit entries on either the Forums, or on Discord. (Separate Discord channels will be made for each contest.)


So just what does the winning server get? Well, in addition to bragging rights, which, let’s face it, those are always fun, the champion of the 12 Days of Christmas Event will receive: a giant, rocking party on their server filled with free gifts for all partygoers, a slew of amazing free giveaways in the form of mounts, outfits, and vaults, a series of wildly entertaining games to play, a chance to kick back with a couple of Otters, and an overall fun time to be had for all!

The party for the winning server will be held on Sunday, December 30th.


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Yay! Thank you, devs and event committee folk! Looking forward to another round of these competitions. (I'm hoping there's a FUN short story-writing contest. Don't think we had one of those the last time around!)
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The first contest states, among other things... "This contest will close on December 24th."

Is it The 12 Days Of Christmas event that runs until the 24th, or do we have until the 24th to complete each individual contest that makes up the event?
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