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The rules are simple: Every Next Song's title has to contain at least one full word of the previous posted song title. So here ya go with this message:

Spirit Of The Age - Hawkwind

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Accepting my defeat of not being able to come with a proper song about consent, I have to go with age. I am trying to avoid the really obvious songs so here's:

Golden Age by KT Tunstall

Layla Littlenymph
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Wow... I don't think I've posted in off-topic since the new forum opened, but I loved this game on the old forum, sooo...
Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun

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My "little"brother had a huge crush on her, and I do not blame him, she was gracious pretty and one of a kind. I really like the piano and rocking part of this song, and there's not a single song by Kate that doesn't have an intriguing story (or maybe that is just what I am reading into those...)

James and the cold gun - Kate Bush

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Sarah Otter

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Huh. Well, I think if we suppose Layla posted first, and then Maj, the next song to go from is Dear Prudence. (Why did Maj not choose the Beatles version, we will never know. But the Siouxsie version is great.)
So, I'll go with this one. (And by the way, Beggars Banquet is one of the most underrated albums ever!)

Rolling Stones -- Dear Doctor