Great Adventurer
Athon Stormborne
Android, PC
Thornhide - Has 30% chance upon taking damage to deal X% damage to the attacker based on your armor+magic resist. Higher amount of Thornhide increases X (damage conversion from armor and magic resist), while higher armor and magic resist increases your damage too.

Retaliation is coming with Earth shaman (although you could say Blasting was sorta like that too), and I figured it could be a good time to make tanky characters less of a pain to level, doing dailies with. Tanks pretty much only shine in group situations, where they can do what they meant to: take hits, keeping others safe, and letting other people do the killing. The trade off for high defense is usually a lack of offense, and while that's fair, I do believe adding ways that turns defense into offense (while not making it more viable than regular dps setups) is something worth exploring.

We already have Juggernaut which kinda favours high Health based (tanky) builds and Berserker (tanky/melee), but nothing that interacts with the increased resistances of a tank. That's why I feel like Thornhide could be a good addition. It shouldn't deal insane amounts of damage, glass cannons deserve that privilege, but could offer a damage boost that would make them a bit more viable in damage and easier to level and play outside group setting.

What are your thoughts on this?