Grand Priestess
Tindra Silvertass
1) I think that would be nice for transformation toys.
2) However, for companions I would like a tab under gear that lets you choose which companions you'd like to display and in what constellation.
3) The visual effect toys I'd rather have separate as well. Maybe a visual effect bar at the top of the screen or as a retractable sidebar in the UI and that they move the emojis over there too. The emojis are somewhat awkwardly placed in the chat at the moment which make them hard to use. People usually don't just stands around so I can't get to the emojis fast enough for them to see my greetings and I often miss greetings form others as well - I notice the notification in the chat later on which is sad. It's like two people have to meet and then stare at each other for 5 sec to be able to wave at each other or blow a kiss. I would like it to be easier and faster than that to visually interact with others by not having to toggle the chat.