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As yet another year comes to an end, your congratulating yourself for another successful sneak into the royal pool to swim in your fruit of the loomers. You are rather surprised how easy it was this year. It was almost as if there weren’t guards learking around. For that matter, it seems all the castle’s inhabitants are away. As though some major attraction had come to town.
While you doggie paddle around the pool, the rush of adrenaline fades, and you begin to feel the coolness of the water. Then, as a bolt of lightning it hits you! Today is the 30th of December. You look at your sundial watch to see it’s just after 00:00 Ardent time. Your late! Please Marat don’t let me miss it!! In Terminators City, the Terminators are throwing their end of year “Termination” party. That’s where everyone is, and you should be too. Plus...shhhh they aren’t carding for under-level drinking! Aww you anguish in thinking of the pies and ale your missing out on. You think of your guild mates, friends, even your neighbors all being there. Everyone that is except you and Sarah Conner. Don’t let this be you. See you this Sunday, 00:00 Ardent time. Questions, mail/message Barnaby


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Can we plz get that pst in Ardent time: would be easier for some, ty


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Hope u all had fun sad I had to miss it this time due to unforeseen net issue in rl maybe can do again next year if it goes well if I am lucky maybe my guildie will save me a pie or least something from party lol