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The US3 Newsletter is a weekly in-game mail containing information regarding US3's server-wide activities for that week.

Stay in the loop by having a reference to the dates and meeting locations of crafting parties, mini-games, dungeon runs and more! Not only do the Newsletter list out events, it also includes any important V&H related news that is posted here on the forums.

Mails are sent out every Sunday, and we are currently on track to release our 12th issue this Sunday which features a brand new weekly event sponsored by some dedicated US3 players.

In order to subscribe, simply send a mail to Valyant on US3 indicating you wish to subscribe to the Newsletter. If you are in a Guild, it is recommended to ask your leader or officer to subscribe so that they can forward the Newsletter to their entire Guild which saves me from having to mail 60 players individually. We currently have over 15 Guilds subscribed, and are always seeking more so that all players on the server are aware of the various activities.

If you would like to add one of your events to a future Newsletter, please mail the details to Valyant prior to the Sunday of that event including the date, time, timezone, location and any other pertinent information.

In the future we hope to assist with advertisement through chat, create a community prize pool as well as other additions. Feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions.