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translated from german thread:

1.) First download "PlayOnMac". You'll find it here: (218 MB / date: June 2017)
2.) Unpack the program, as always with apple, while executing the program and put it into the correct folder for programs.

3.) Now PlayOnMac is installed. Because playonmac is not verified by bei Apple, you have to press control while double-clicking the program the first time (ctrl / between fn and alt). This way Apple realizes, that you are aware of that program and really want to use it. Save it as "trustworthy".
4.) The first time you start PlayOnMac, XQuartz will be downloaded (usually). This is for graphics. Simply follow the instructions of the installation-program. This will take 5 to 7 minutes.

5.) Now download the .exe-file from Villagers & Heroes. Look here: (Size: 9,1 MB / June 2017)
6.) If you're starting the .exe-file now, she'll be started with PlayOnMac automatically. Now Villagers & Heroes can be installed the usual way (including self-updates). (size: ca. 2GB / June 2017)
7.) From now on you start the game, not with an icon or symbol, but with starting PlayOnMac. There you can chose the VHLauncher. Top left you've got the button "execute" (or similar title, a starting-symbol).

8.) Now you should be able to play V&H on MacOS X! Have fun

Tip: Before playing v&h, try changing the graphics to your convenience. But remember, gfx too high could result in too little ram message.

Installation guide by Leo / Urza (EU2)
translation Paranoia

as long as i cannot provide pictures in english, you have to stay with german screenshots. unfortunately i, paranoia, don't have a mac.


I've just followed this.

The only thing to add is that I found when I first installed I got a "cannot connect error" but if I went back and relaunched as per the instructions it updated properly.