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Contest #2: Vault Ornaments

Create a visual image within your vault made up of different items to depict a Christmas ornament as a whole. For example: a snowflake, a star, a snowman, a tree, a brightly colored ball, etc.

  • Take a screenshot of your ‘vault ornament’ for your submission. When posting it, please include what the ornament is, as well as your name and server.
  • Only one entry per player is allowed.
  • You may post your entry on either the Forums or Discord. (But not both please.)

  • The server with the most valid entries will be deemed the winner, and will receive 1 Point for this contest.
  • Additionally, a special First Place prize of 100 crowns and a Second Place Prize of 75 crowns will be awarded to two individuals for their work. Criteria for judging will be based upon:
    • How realistic looking the depiction of the ornament is
    • Quality of overall presentation
    • Originality
    • Time and Effort

This contest will close on December 24th at: 12pm PST/ 3pm EST/ 20:00 UTC/ 21:00 CET
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