Tiffa, CyberElf
Android, PC
Could you add a Charter Token Vendor and a Zog Collector to the Village C.O.G. Depot. I hate having to go back and forth to just sell extra materials or to exchange 1 common Zog set, having them in the village would be much more convent for many players.
Layla Littlenymph
PC, Steam
I never thought about having vendors for zogs or doubloons in the village, but that's not to say I would not appreciate having them there.

I'm totally with you on having a charter token vendor added to the village C.O.G. Depot and have made that same suggestion a time or two. It just seems like a natural inclusion to me.
i agree with the charter token vendor but not the zog collector as it is ment to be were it is now the whole point is to force you to travel to there, putting one in the village would negate that. ardent membership lets you teleport for free, if you dont have one it cost you money.