Hello – I'm pretty new... Level 16. I've joined a village but I don't understand how it works, i.e. the mechanics of gathering in village vs gathering in wild, how village nodes work, how village projects work, how I am meant to contribute, and how I benefit. My village seems pretty dead. I never see anyone online in village chat, and I don't see anything progressing. Are there any guides anyone can recommend for me... or any suggestions about what I can do? I'm enjoying the game and don't want to give it up because of this confusion.
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First of all, welcome to the game \o/

I don’t know which village you’re in, but there’s many active villages, you should ask in world chat, there’s always someone recruiting.

As for how it works, you should go read that wiki article:

That should help ^_^

P.s. the link i gave you is the old wiki, some informations are outdated, such as the costs of homes (they’re free now)

Here’s the link to the new page

There’s a village section that is up to date


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gathering in the village is the only way to get Cornucopias, but it requires "loading" the node with 20 wild-caught natural versions every once in a while. Gathering in the wild can give special rare finds like Luckanium in mining and Gralla Seeds in plant lore. It also seems that in the village, you gather more materials per swing.

So, overall, I think gathering in the wild is better if you're totally zoned out. You don't have to worry about reloading the node and you can get those special rare finds. If you're paying attention, though, the corns add up pretty quick and can be sold on the auction house for good money.


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You also want to keep in mind that the gathering nodes in the village will always scale to your gathering level in the skill (which is why in certain situations, you get more bang for your buck in the village.) Wild nodes do not do this. (For more info about the bountiful gathering perk, click on the ? in the Skills tab in game OR check out the Wiki.)
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Also, if you think your village is not as active as you'd like, maybe look for a larger open village or consider joining a guild with an active village. :)