Grand Priestess
Viranda, Luna the Beautiful,
People have asked me to share some of my stories on the forums, so here we are! There's not much now, but I'm currently working on a much longer story (with multiple Chapters) that I'll post here as well.


Grand Priestess
Viranda, Luna the Beautiful,
A Tale of Grinchta and the Heroes

Long ago, in the time of the four elders, a great evil arose: A being called Grinchta. A bulbous green fellow with a heart as black as coal. He wanted nothing more than to make the lives of the villagers of ardent to be MISERABLE during the holiday season. He tore down trees, smashed presents, and ate all the feasts the people had prepared.

The four elders, unable to stop their quest to stop Mallok, granted blessings to thsoe who would battle the not-so-jolly green giant. Soon, an army of villagers arose. They were sick of Grinchta's antics. Whether the elders gave them the blessings or not, they refused to stand by while he destroyed all their hard work. They armed themselves with what they could and dove into battle.

Many villagers fell in battle. The others who lived mourned their friends and fought with more vigor than ever before! But no matter how many times he fell, Grinchta would always rise again in mere hours.

No villager would back down.

They continued their fight. This was their holiday! They wouldn't give in so easily.

The portal connecting Grincta's Lair and Ardent would only remain open for a few months. That's how long the villagers had to hold him off for. Their battles raged until the faithful day came and the portal closed.

A mass celebration rung throughout the Kingdom. Songs were sung for the fallen and stories were told of the harrowing battles. Deep down they all knew one thing: Grinchta would return.

Each and every year, Grinchta would return to Ardent to spread his reign of terror. Each and every year the villagers fought. It was such that each and every year the villagers stood together in growing numbers to protect their holiday festivities.

It was in battles such as these, that villagers became Heroes.


Grand Priestess
Viranda, Luna the Beautiful,
The Tale of the Twilight Vale

Long ago, when the days were long and the nights were warm, a counsel was formed. The counsel of five queens of Fae. The youngest was Turenia of Light. Then came Eldelia of Poison, Rakicia of Shadow and Anosia of Fire. The Eldest of the five was the great Vesasia of Water, the most powerful of the Fae queens.

Their rogue sister, Prisma, refused to follow her sisters and instead chose to dwell outside of their Vales, hiding wherever she wished, awaiting her human prey.

Many citizens had gone to the Twilight Vale to enjoy the beauty it encompassed, but soon grew to fear it as much as the Haunted Moors. The Faes and their minions would swoop down upon anyone and leave nothing as though the person had never been there at all.

The Fae were so powerful, that many a hero fell to their might. Until one group of heroes stepped forward. They were young but determined.

These four heroes were the forerunners of something great to come. To Terminate the Five Fae's rule once and for all. A Shadow priest, a Holy Priestess, and a huntress lead by a Fire Wizard.

Together they took arms and marched across the Vale, killing all the monsters that dare step into their path. They knew what they had to do.

There were four heroes and five queens of fae. Light, Poison, Shadow, Fire and water. Each sister stronger, and more powerful than the one before her. To get to one you had to defeat the younger. Turenia, the yuongest, was the easiest to defeat. That, in of itself, spoke volumes as she hurled concentrated beams of light, searing into the heroes flesh. The priests were just able to heal their friends enough.

Low on mana, they knew they could spare little time before they would be brought before her sister. Eldelia would not be as easy as her sister to take down. Never was, never will. The sisters would grow stronger each time.

They knew that if they could barely defeat the youngest, what chance did they have against the eldest? Despite their fears, they knew they had to try. For the sake of the people and for the sake of Ardent, they had to try and give it their all.

At last Eldelia fell; the heroes breathed a sigh of relief, then only to find themselves immersed in darkness. They were in the Vale of Shadows: home to Rakicia. The dark queen emerged from her cloak of shadows, above her, the forms of priests and monks whose souls she had trapped within her realm. She gave an evil smile to the priests, one that would send chills up Mallok's spine; "Looks like I'll have two more souls for my collection!" She laughed as she dove forward towards her prey.

Holy bolt. Shadow bolt. Fire ball. Poison arrow. Over and over they fought her. The Holy priestess was beaten within an inch of her life before, in a final act of desperation, she released one last holy bolt, struck the dark, shadowy form of Rakicia. She howled in pain as the souls of her collection dove in on her, dragging her away into the shadows.

The priestess drank her potion of health and began to slowly recuperate. When the shock had past the heroes began to rejoice. Their joy did not last as they soon found themselves in the presence of a fiery foe: Anosia, the Fire Fae. She was never one to grant quarter...

As Anosia began to boast of her great power, the fire wizard merely grinned. She would have to try harder if she were to battle him properly. In his own element the Fire Wizard excelled. Her powers of fire were resisted by his own. She turned her attention towards the others, anticipating an easier meal.

The huntress and shadow priest found themselves trapped between a wall of fire and a wall of stone. The Priestess cast a shield, allowing them to escape within a hair of being blasted by Anosia's fiery wrath. The Priests and hunter stood alongside their leader and soon Anosia was ended in a fiery inferno of power.

Choking on the smoke left by her remains, the heroes allowed themselves a moment to let their mana return and let the priests heal them. Once all that is said was done, they trudged forward to the Vale of water

Dread filled the heroes, but they had to continue. They were so close. So very close. Soon they would bring the sisters down and the vale could be free of their tyranny.

They came into the room of mossy stone and flowing, glowing, blue waters. In the center of the stone pillars hovered the watery queen herself. The heroes gazed at Vesesia, the eldest of the Five Fae, and the most terrifying.

Twas said she could strike an army down with a single blow. the heroes grew aware that this may be their final stands.

Nevertheless the courageous team stood at the ready; preparing themselves for what very well could be their final deed of heroism.

Vesesia smiled darkly from beneath her long dark hair.

The brave heroes charged at their foe.

Spells flew through the air like lightning, striking the targets true.

Alas, as fire fought fire, fire could not fight water. Her watery powers struck their leader and the fire wizard trembled, then fell hard to the cold floor. The heroes let out a cry for their leader, but they had to relent on. If not for themselves, then for their leader!

The huntress took their leader's place and took the heavy blows. The priests sent out frenzies of healing spells to quell the damage.

With a groan, the fire wizard began to stand once more, refusing to relent to the Water Witch's twisted powers. He fell once more, but soon propped himself up against his staff.

The heroes grew tired, their spells less frequent. Mana and health ran low.

Vesesia and the heroes threw spell after spell after each other. As the priests healed their own, Vesesia had no one as such. Finally the heroes let out one last collective blow. A swirl of holy and shadow bolts, poisonous arrows and a stream a fire struck the Queen in the chest. She shuddered for a moment before she began to dissolve into nothingness with cries of agony and pain.

Vesesia was dead. The counsel was defeated.Weak and weary, they were re-energized by the victory. Together they cheered for the vale was freed! As the news spread of the heroes victory, a banquet was held in celebration.

The Midsummer nights were filled with joyous laughter, singing and dancing, grand foods of exquisite and tantalizing tastes and each of the heroes retelling the story to those that listened.

All of Ardent was joyous, unaware that the sisters were to rise again in the coming years.


Grand Priestess
Viranda, Luna the Beautiful,
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I'm so glad everyone is enjoying my stories so far! I want to wait till after the next Fan Art Fridays winners are announced to share the first chapter of my story since I want it to be a surprise for everyone. The chapter I'll post here will be slightly different as I did some revision after submitting it as my entry. Also, I will be dealing with the last month of school so I may not be able to get the second chapter done as soon as I want to, but I will try!

Thank you for your patience everyone and have a lovely Easter!

Edit: I noticed that the way I worded the mention of Fan Art Fridays is that is sounds like I expect to win: I don't. With so many submissions I may not, but I just wanted to wait to see if I did or didn't. If I did, hey that's great! If not, that's alright and I'll still post the chapter. Just wanted to clear that up just in case there was any confusion.


Grand Priestess
Viranda, Luna the Beautiful,
Chapter I; The Beginning

By Viranda

The little girl sat on the warm rock patiently watching. A little ant crawled across the stones with a bit of food in its pincers. She watched as a humble little bee buzzed and stirred within a bright pink flower. She didn’t watch them as intently, though, as the silky strands that glittered as they were woven by its artist between two rocks.

The spider, as scary as she was, was beautiful with a deep raven shine that turned blue in the light. Her eyes glittering like gemstones as she worked. The girl smiled as the spider, seeming satisfied with her work, retreated to the corner of her web to await her prey. The girl continued to watch serenely, hoping to see what meal might come to her little friend.

“VIRANDA!” The girl jumped at the sudden noise. Birds that once sat in the trees now took flight in their fright.

The girl sat up and turned around. A tall man was stomping towards her.

“Viranda, I have called you twelve times already!”

The little girl shied away from his anger. “I’m sorry, daddy. I was just…”

“No excuses! You were called, you need to come! Now get to the house!”

“But daddy!” Viranda whirled around and carefully plucked the spider from her nest. The spider strangely didn’t seem to mind, though, as she settled into the girl’s tiny palm quite nicely.

“Look at her! Isn’t she pretty? She made a really pretty silvery web and…” the girl didn’t get to finish. Her father slapped her hands knocking the spider to the ground.

“ENOUGH! I’m tired of this!” He bellowed.

“NO!” She shrieked and tried to leap forward, but wasn’t fast enough.

With one swift step he brought his boot down, ending the spider’s life. The girl began to cry. He shook his head. “I have told you time and time again, I…”

“Viranda! Hodr!” A woman bearing a striking resemblance to the girl came running up in a panic. She stopped short seeing her daughter’s red, crying face and quickly ran up to her. “Vira, baby, what happened?” She stroked the girl’s dark curls.

“H-he killed m-my s-spider fr-friend!” The 6 year old blubbed out.

“Hodr…” The woman began sternly.

“It was a bug, Verbose! Besides, I thought you were afraid of spiders, Vir.” He seemed more agitated than angry at this point; Maybe disappointed.

“B-but she was a n-nice spider!” Vira looked straight into his eyes. One could’ve thought they saw a hint of regret amongst the stormy grey.

Holding the girl close to her, Verbose stood up. “We don’t have time for this! We need to get back to the village! Now! Something terrible has happened!”

As the family ran back to the village, Vira found herself comforted by the warm embrace of her mother as she carried her across the grassy hills of Maiden, unaware of the danger of tomorrow.


Grand Priestess
Viranda, Luna the Beautiful,
Chapter II; The Stranger

By Viranda

When they finally arrived in the village square, a large crowd has already accumulated with a buzz of confusion and fascination. At the center of the crowd, there was a man, unknown to Viranda, sitting on a bench. He kept his head low and in his hand as he leaned against the wood and stone. His clothing was once a dark grey but now were tattered and stained and looked nearly as bedraggled as he who wore them. He looked exhausted and very, VERY upset. Whispers coursed through the crowd like an electrical current: Who was he? Why was he here? What has made him so upset?

Verbose and Hodr came to the front of the crowd with Viranda between them. The crowd parted itself to let them through; Her father was well respected amongst them.

The man looked up at the crowd and spoke in a tired tone “I’m certain you are all wondering what brought me here to you…” He didn’t get to finish his sentence.

“Who are you? Why are you here?”

“What do you want with us?”

“What are you wearing? Are you a warrior or a wizard? What class are you?”

“Who sent you?”

More shouts rang out from the crowd about the man’s ambiguity.

Finally the mayor spoke up:

“Silence! Silence everyone! Let the man speak for himself and perhaps you will have your answers!”

He turned back to the man and nodded.

The man scanned the crowd and, for a moment, locked eyes with Vira. She squeaked and hid behind her mother’s legs.

“My name is Ryder and my class does not matter. I fear the news I bring you is not joyous, but rather grave indeed.” His voice sounded rather regal for a man in his state. He paused for a moment.

“The Black Thrush has returned!” He instantly reached into his coat and pulled out a large black bird feather and a scrap of fabric with the Black Thrush Symbol on it.

The crowd gave a collective gasp and murmurs resonated through the crowd once more. As the mayor tried to quiet the upset crowd again, Vira looked over to the man. He still held the items aloft, but something flashed in his face. What was it? Surely she wasn’t the only one to see it? She scanned the crowd for a sign, but saw none. At last the crowd grew quiet enough for the stranger to speak once more.

“People of maiden! I implore you to stay calm! I tried to warn King Leo but he refused to send troops to aid my people and as a result, my village was burned to the ground with only I surviving! Leo still won’t believe what’s right in front of him!”

Vira recalled hearing about that; so many people had died in the fire. They had said it was the result of a furnace, but had it really been the black thrush?

“People of maiden, I implore you to do what Leo is too cowardly to do! Stand up and fight! Arm yourselves and protect the Seven Realms from the Black Thrust! Pick up your weapons and protect your homes!”

A cheer resonated through the square. The man’s commanding voice filled the people with a patriotic pride.

He smiled. “You are not the only ones. I gave the warning to other villages and they’ve agreed to help as well. We will leave tomorrow at sunrise. You have tonight, my heroes, to prepare yourselves and bid farewell to your families fore I, after all, cannot ensure your safe return.”

The crowd began to disperse with Viranda hearing murmurs on what should and shouldn’t be packed for such a journey.


“You’re not going! I forbid you!

“You FORBID me? I’m not a child Hodr; I can make my own decisions!”

“Well what about me? What about Viranda? What would I have to say to her if her mother never comes back!?”

“The TRUTH Hodr! For once in your life you could always be a bit more honest with our daughter!”

“The truth!? You want me to tell her the truth!? Like WHAT? Like her mother ran off and got herself killed on a stupid quest a random guy gave her!? I don’t trust that man, Verbose!”

“You could tell her I was trying to do the right thing! You know the Black Thrush is rising, you’ve seen the signs yourself for YEARS! They were bound to return someday, is it so hard to believe that it could be now!?”

Vira had been listening in from her room upstairs. This was the first time she’d heard them argue like this, they’ve had arguments in the past but this was the worst.

“If you want to leave then, I don’t care! But you’re not bringing this!”

Vira heard the sound of something heavy and made of metal being picked up and thrown into a chest with the click of a lock followed by her mother yelling;

“You are such a child! You think that locking up my mace will do anything?! I have to leave, Hodr! To keep our home safe. To keep our Vira safe! I have to at least try! With or without your support!”

Vira sat beside her bed and wrapped herself in her blanket, hands against her ears, crying and trying to block the noise out.

“You don’t care!”

“Yes I do!”

“Then stay!”

“You know I can’t! I want to, believe me, but I can’t!”

“Is it because you’re bored here? Is life here not exciting enough for you or something!?”

“NO! There won’t BE any life here if we don’t fight the Black Thrush!”

“What is it going to take to get through to you!?”

“NOTHING! Absolutely NOTHING!”

“Not even Vira?”

His deadpan tone silenced the argument.

The home fell so silent you could hear a spider’s footsteps.

Verbose spoke very low, very solemnly;

“I’m doing this for Vira.”

Without another word she turned and walked out the door. Vira watched from her bedroom window as her mother walked towards the stores, paper in hand, illuminated by only the light from the windows and the pale, glistening moonlight. A feeling of dread and fear blanketed the young, shivering girl.
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