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I woke up this morning with a heavy heart as I had words with someone really dear to my heart yesterday. She did something I don't like and I had harsh words for her.
I don't regret what I said, I regret "how" I said it. And the fact that I didn't had a single word for all those things she does for me and that I like.
I took some time to think about it and how we all are easy on pointing things that don't fit us exactly as we wish and how we are stingy to express what we like.

So here is a small, incomplete list of what I like in this game as here too, we're not enough saying what we like :

I like… this forums. A nice way to communicate with people coming from all servers, where devs are coming to explain what's happening, what will happen, what they're working on, and to listen what players have to say.

I like the events, it's such a nice way to make players of all levels to meet.

I like love the Mushmounts! I don't know who came with that idea, but get your asses over here for a nice warm hug. I like it as all other mounts are inspired by existing fantasy literature or existing animals, but mushrooms as mounts? Really? What did you smoke to have such an idea? Don't tell, and I remember everyone that drugs are bad for your health, don't do that!

I love like my guildies. (Don't tell them, they all think I can burn their houses down, and I wish to keep that threat alive in their minds). Funny talks, happy runs, a little family in a way.

I like the horns from outfits. That suits me so well. Because I'm bad, I'm bad (MJ's dances moves here).

I like being bad, cheeky, naughty and horny (look the previous "I like". I love to tease and joke but never in a way to offend people (I respect the chart!)

I like the fact that Mad Otters are always honest on what's happening, and that they're so involved to improve the game experience.

I like so many other things but now I have to do another list for that woman I cherish…

Love and all the rest,


I didn't practice my german for a long time, so Paranoia, Tiberius, feel free to correct my text if it needs to be done.

Ich bin heute Morgen schweren Herzens aufgewacht, weil ich gestern mit jemandem gestritten habe, die mir wirklich am Herzen lag. Sie tat etwas, das mir nicht gefiel, und ich hatte unfreundliche Worte für sie.
Ich bereue nicht, was ich sagte. Ich bereue "wie" ich es sagte. Außerdem die Tatsache, daß ich für all diese Dinge, die sie für mich tut und die ich schätze, kein einziges Wort über hatte.
Ich habe mir etwas Zeit genommen, darüber nachzudenken und darüber, wie wir es uns alle so leicht machen auf Dinge hinzuweisen, die uns nicht genau so passen, wie wir es uns wünschen, und wie wir geizig sind, auszudrücken, was uns gefällt.

Also hier ist eine kleine unvollständige Liste, was ich in diesem Spiel mag, weil man das nicht oft genug sagen kann.

Ich mag diese Foren. Das ist eine nette Möglichkeit mit Leuten zu kommunizieren, die von allen Servern kommen, wo die entwickler kommen, um zu erklären, was passiert, was passieren wird, woran sie arbeiten, und um zu hören, was die Spieler zu sagen haben.

Ich mag die Events, es ermöglicht Spielern aller Art sich zu treffen.

Ich liebe die Pilz-Reittiere! Ich weiß nicht, wer diese Idee hatte, aber hol Dir hier Deine Umarmung ab! Ich mag es, so wie alle anderen Reittiere von bestehenden Phantasie-Literatur oder bestehenden Tieren inspiriert sind, aber Pilze als Reittiere? Wirklich?

Ich mag meine Gilden. (Erzähl ihnen das nicht, sie alle denken ich könnte ihre Häuser niederbrennen, und ich möchte diese Bedrohung in ihren Köpfen am Leben erhalten). Lustige Gespräche, fröhliche Läufe, ein wenig Familie in gewisser Weise.

Ich mag die Hörner bei den Outfits. Das passt gut zu mir. Because I'm bad, I'm bad! (und hier jetzt Michael Jacksons Tanzschritte).

Ich mag es böse und frech zu sein. Ich mag es, zu necken und Witze zu machen, aber nie um jemanden zu beleidigen.

Ich mag die Tatsache, dass verrückte Mad Otter immer ehrlich sind, was vor sich geht, und dass sie um das Spielerlebnis zu verbessern so involviert sind.

Ich liebe so viele andere Dinge, aber jetzt muss ich eine andere Liste für dieses Fräulein machen, die ich so schätze.

Liebe und alles Gute!



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I made some tweaks to your german part of the text.

First i want to say, that I love to see your effort to have the german part of the community, that doesn't speak english, invited to chime in into your topic. That said, I really like to help you building a bridge between those two germanic languages, the german and the english.

Aside that, there are some things I really really like about villagers and heroes.
v&h is a pool of overwhelming large numbers of very nice players, that haven't found a home in other games for reasons like - other games may be more chaotic and driven by success-principles, less nice peeps out there, less interesting in story and questing, stuff like that. I like to see, how people here manage to talk nicely and understanding with one another, coming from different countrys and with different usual behaviours.

Starting v&h on a mostly daily basis is like coming home. Do you know the tv series named "cheers"? A place where everybody knows your name? There's that guy, coming every episode into that bar, babbling something to the crowd like "afternoon everybody" and they all shout back "Hi Norman". v&h is like that for me, like Nyxxe said "a little family in a way".

You see, it's the social part within a story-driven game, that hooks me up the most.


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I love the mushroom mounts too! I think they’re the only mounts with a dignified riding position for those who wear robes/dresses. Don’t get me started on those rhinos...

I especially love the community. MMOs offer us the freedom to do things we couldn’t in real life. In so many games, players abuse that as license to carry out the most vicious, cruel desires. V&H is such a wonderful refuge from that - a place where that freedom is turned towards good. “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”
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I love the mushroom mounts too! I think they’re the only mounts with a dignified riding position for those who wear robes/dresses. Don’t get me started on those rhinos...
Yes IF you are wearing a robe... Nijarra's outfit, or any outfit with a longer tail... not so much.

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Thank you so much for that great work, Paranoia. Dear, I see that it was a lot of work and not "some tweaks" only, even if that's kind to pretend it ;).

And yes, you two got it, I like the game and even more the social part of it. I'm not much on social platforms, I find people are too harsh or too "look at me" in those places.

I don't know the show, Paranoia, but I'm always taking the time to say hello when logging in. It even seems to me that I saw some players becoming nicer after playing the game for a bit. The kindness of the community is acting on how you interact with the other players. And your smile comes back.

Vielen Dank und einen schönen Abend.